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Founded in 2016 from the merger of Altea subsidiaries with the Turin Seac02 who brings 12 years of experience and numerous references on digital and technological innovation. Altea Digital accompany customers in the definition and implementation of the Digital Transformation through the creation of new processes, new products or improving existing ones. Alongside its customers starting from the idea, going through the design of future scenarios, and then implement them integrating with IT "traditional" solutions, to ongoing services through the application end to end of the other Federated Company. The areas covered range from smart environments (stores, factories, offices, urban places) to the world of IoT, the digital environments (mobile, web, smart TVs). More

Procure-to-Pay Process Management

Manage the creation of not for resale purchases from purchase requests and approval or rejection by an approved designated user.

 Procure-to-Pay Management

Features and Benefits

Key Benefits
  • Purchase requisition creation seamlessly passed to system of record
  • A "digital" flow management authorization eliminates paper flows and speeds up process
  • Focused on 'not for resale' purchase processes - both Opex and Capex
  • Parameter driven approval process
  • Parameter driven automated approval rules
Key Features
  • Automatic notification to approvers (by mail)
  • Streamlined approval and accessible from any device
  • Dashboard for status and access to relevant documents

Procure-to-Pay Management

webMethods in Control
  • Approval process orchestration
  • "Business rules" repository
  • Updating of "entities" within ERP and other systems
  • User front-end to insert, retrieve, update documents based on external document repository
Document Repository Interaction
  • Document repository 
  • "Certified copy" of management documents
  • Repository of documentary attachments
  • Documents "dashboard" to view their status in the approval process
ERP Interaction
  • Creating and managing requisitions
  • Creating and managing purchase orders
  • Registration and managements supplier invoices


Procure-to-Pay Process Management with Software AG’s webMethods

Manage the creation of not for resale purchases from purchase requests and approval or rejection by an approved designated user.


Automatic email notification for approvers

Procure to Pay Screenshot 1

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New Store Opening Orchestration

New store openings involve so much of the retail organization, real-estate, merchandising, supply chain, legal and so on. Managing the process to ensure compliance to plan, ensuring key requirements are fulfilled prior to opening is key. This solution streamlines and orchestrates the end to end process of opening a store across all business areas and system interactions. New Store Opening Orchestration

Features and Benefits

Key Benefits
  • Select opportunities for process simplification and standardization
  • Clear visibility of end-to-end planning progress and the responsibilities across the organization.
  • Flexible support for store opening processes as they evolve in the future.
  • Clear, portal based user experience showing progress against plan and tasks requiring completion.
  • The Store data structure is designed to be the main repository (MDM- Master Data Management) for all systems and business functions.
How it works

The solution manages multiple elements of the store opening process:

  • Structure the overall opening process
  • Departmental responsibilities and systems utilized
Systems involved

The whole process is supported and orchestrated by webMethods Business Process Management. Access management and "application permission" is provided by "roles" assigned to one or more user groups, with consequent definition of access rights for roles on each single step (task).

Messages are provided, both type of messages for "communication activities assigned/completed" and "reminder for tasks to complete" aligned and compared with defined deadlines. The "rules" for managing messages are defined within the "Business Rules" management of webMethods.



New Store Opening Orchestration Software AG’s webMethods

Orchestrating the end to end process of opening a new store is complex, involving multiple parts of the retail organization. This solution orchestrates and controls the process, facilitating the involvement of different parts of the organization - property management, merchandising, legal, supply chain. Systems used by each area are seamlessly connected to orchestrate the process while enabling clear understanding of progress against plan eliminating issues on the opening day.

Overview New Store Opening Orchestration
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