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CATE EE - CloudGen Automated Test Engine | Enterprise Edition

Best in Class webMethods End-to-End Testing Tool

webMethods End-to-End Testing Tool

CATE EE is an automated testing framework for webMethods Platform that targets execution of end-to-end test scenarios enabling the business to validate functional requirements and IT to validate technical requirements.

 CATE EE - CloudGen Automated Test Engine

Features and Benefits

Simple Automation Services
  1. Ability to enable/disable recording on a per service basis. 
  2. Provides services to retrieve test automation configurations easily. 
  3. Test cases created by Business Analyst and Developer using configurable recording.
Ability to e-mail build results
  1. Provides results to individuals that are responsible for the administration of their proprietary solution
  2. Custom configuration of notification e-mail (content & disposition - such as Text or HTML)
Fully Integrated Test Suite
Runs independently once configured via Continues Integration Tool.
Version Control System
CATE EE integrates with VCS easily to support DevOps.
Third Party Testing Tool Integration Support
  1. Test Framework provides JMeter, SOAP UI test script runner
  2. Framework will validate the result of the test execution and return a pass or fail status
A client side application to run Test Cases in CATE EE
Pub-Sub TEST Configuration
This helps in testing End-to-End Pub-Sub Scenarios.
Simulation of a service call- Mocking
Expected output is returned “simulating” the execution of a service


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