ARIS for Alexa® Demo - Register now !

FIRST, activate the “ARIS for Alexa® Demo” skill in the Alexa Skills store. Then register here with your personalized configuration code.

See how you can use Amazon® Alexa® to easily interact with ARIS—ideal when you don’t have access to your ARIS portal. Our comprehensive demo lets you ask Alexa about processes and information stored in the ARIS repository. You also can ask for an overview of change requests and see the respective dashboard in ARIS at the same time. Interested in production distribution? Get additional information via process mining.

All answers are based on demo data. Try it out! To get started, simply: 

1. Activate the “ARIS for Alexa® Demo” skill in the Alexa Skills store.

2. Open the skill for the first time by saying “Alexa, ask ARIS.” Alexa will then give you a personalized configuration code, which will appear on the Alexa app display. 

3. Complete this form and include the configuration code to connect the demo to your Alexa device. 

4. After successful registration, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Software AG with your individual link to the visual results for Alexa. 

5. Start asking, “Alexa, ask ARIS” and enjoy!

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