Power your integrations
by leveraging our Embedded
Integration Capabilities.

Unlock your product’s full potential with
robust integration capabilities

Less development time

Reduce your development efforts when building new connectors or use cases
Faster time to market

webMethods.io Embed provides the integration foundation, allowing you to deploy and go live with your integration offering much faster
Lower infrastructure costs

webMethods.io Embed is 100% cloud based which means immediate uptime and scale that matches your usage patterns. Plus, we handle all the maintenance and support so you can focus on creating value

Stop building integrations, embed them!

webMethods.io Embed is a cloud-based embedded integration engine designed to enable your users to easily connect and integrate data from a variety of systems, apps, and devices --all from within your application experience. Retain full control, boost productivity and embed powerful data integrations into your app experience with ease. Why build it yourself? Embed it!

Read this E-book, “The 4 challenges of “everything” cloud,” to re-think and re-imagine the fundamentals of integration. Use it to frame your thinking around your own integration challenges.

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Power your product with
in-app integrations

Through a simple-to-configure form, your users are able to access more data - quicker - while you retain full control over their integration experience and abilities.

Your engineering team can focus on building differentiated content and let the infrastructure and maintenance be handled by us. This means faster time-to-market with less maintenance and more features for your end users.

Read this fact sheet to learn the key benefits and core capabilities of webMethods.io Embed.

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