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Be at the edge—not on it—with an IoT edge leader

Edge computing and analytics are stress-free with Software AG—that’s confirmed by MachNation’s 2020 IoT Edge Scorecard.

MachNation rates Software AG as a leading IoT edge vendor with the highest score in edge data processing and edge management in its in-depth analysis of 11 IoT edge vendors.

What sets Software AG apart?

  • Code-free device management
  • Automated device discovery
  • “Marquee” streaming and predictive analytics at the edge and in the cloud
  • Quick insights from IoT data using BI tools and machine learning models
  • Big cost savings for historical data storage

“Analytics is a key component of many types of enterprise IoT solutions and integration of this capability is a key differentiator for Software AG,” says MachNation, the IoT testing and benchmarking company.

“Software AG speeds edge deployment and saves enterprises significant time and money with low-code/no-code management of industrial edge assets.”

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