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What does Freedom Mean to you?

Freedom is a powerful word. It literally means “being free of constraints” --being able to choose your path. To some, it means having the right to act and speak openly or to choose a direction and go anywhere they want.


We define freedom in terms of you, our customers. You want the freedom to choose your technology --to integrate and innovate your own way. Software AG provides you this freedom of choice with “freedom as a service.”

We know that you need to quickly embrace the Internet of Things, APIs, B2B, mobile, cloud and more. So, how can we help? Integration is fast becoming the key to unlocking the value of your siloed data, processes and critical apps. Our open, independent technologies can help you drive innovation by helping you connect and integrate everything – from apps, IoT sensors and devices to data and clouds.

With subscription-based models, we offer you flexibility, full autonomy and mobility, total transparency with zero constraints -- spanning on-premises, cloud to cloud and at the edge so you can outpace technology –and your competition.

This is more than Software as a Service. 

This is Freedom as a Service. 

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