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Mainframe systems have run your business for years—especially if you’re in banking, government, insurance or logistics. There’s a goldmine of high-value business data and custom-tailored business logic in those systems. As your business moves forward, you can leverage these valuable assets in the modern world. Here’s how:

API-enable COBOL
Connect to new channels, services and apps by API-enabling your mainframe applications.
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Integrate mainframe data
Transform mainframe data into standard SQL for easy integration with data lakes and business intelligence platforms.
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Connect to the cloud
Sync your mainframe data with the cloud without compromising business operations.
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Modernize the user experience
Improve productivity with redesigned workflows and intuitive user interfaces.
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API-enable COBOL to connect with other apps

APIs are fueling the creation of new apps, development of customer-centric services and the delivery of new business models that capitalize on the widespread adoption of cloud, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT). Fortunately, you can quickly create REST APIs from your mainframe business logic, data or user interface with minimal effort and risk.

Imagine what making your mainframe applications part of an API ecosystem can do for you:

  • Reuse unique capabilities in new ways
  • Improve the customer experience with self-service portals
  • Provide mobile access to customers, field staff or service workers
  • Integrate easily with packaged applications like SAP
  • Communicate with partners or across departments/agencies
  • Seamlessly integrate with an API management platform
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Integrate mainframe data for new insights 

Your mainframe applications manage massive amounts of valuable data and high-volume transactions. Unlock that data and gain more insights into your customers, channels and business operations.


With the widest range of database connectors in the industry, Software AG makes it easy to integrate your mainframe data so you can:

  • Access mainframe data in real time
  • Simplify with self-service analytics
  • Create a single view across multiple distributed databases
  • Populate data lakes, business intelligence and analytics platforms
  • Make better decisions by leveraging all of your data, no matter where it resides

You’ve got options:


Connect mainframes with the cloud of your choice 

The cloud offers innovations for the future, but your mainframe will remain your reliable system of record. The key to taking advantage of new cloud-based services and data analytics is to synchronize or integrate your mainframe data to the cloud without compromising the uptime and performance of your source system.


By integrating your mainframe data with the cloud, you can:

  • Transform data from Adabas, Db2®, flat files, IMS™, QSAM and VSAM™ into standard SQL for rapid integration
  • Leverage the latest in cloud analytics, data lakes, search and artificial intelligence
  • Maintain a hybrid environment
  • Ensure your data in the cloud is reliable and up-to-date
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Modernize the mainframe user experience 

Make a better connection with your users by improving their productivity. Don’t just eliminate green screens, create a better user experience (UX) by improving processes with redesigned workflows, intuitive web interfaces and modern apps.

With a modern UX for your mainframe, you can:

  • Improve the productivity of your users
  • Eliminate tedious, redundant tasks
  • Provide better service to your customers
  • Get work done faster
  • Overcome green-screen limitations
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Unlock the strength of your legacy in Government

Governments are challenged with keeping the mainframe technology still essential to their mission relevant and agile. Facing workforce turnover and new regulations, the constant pressure for change—from politicians, citizens or regulators—means you must be able to interact efficiently with the latest technology innovations.

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Unleashing the mainframe on the web

“We needed all of the municipalities to participate in the process to make it faster, so we took the whole application and built a ‘cloud’ web service around it. We exposed it to the world!”

Yehuda Zev | Mainframe Development Manager, Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services

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