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With more than 10 years of global delivery excellence in all versions of webMethods, Cognizant’s Business Process Integration (BPI) Practice focuses on providing expert services in the following technology areas:

Cognizant consulting services also include: Integration Competency Center (ICC) and Center of Excellence (COE) setup, architecture evaluation and roadmap preparation, ESB adoption and implementation, products evaluation, B2B consulting, ESB testing, proof-of-concepts, capacity planning, ESB reference architecture services, ARIS 7.x to 9.x platform expertise, Terracotta, Cloud Solutions, Apama services, ApplinX and Intelligent Business Operations (IBO) solutions. Through years of experience, Cognizant has also developed reusable assets and frameworks to rapidly deploy efficient and high quality implementations.

For customers to keep pace with evolving webMethods product offerings, we provide no-obligation webMethods 9.X upgrade assessment estimation. We also do an initial free consulting analysis for your Software AG projects.

Intraday Liquidity Monitoring

A Cognizant solution powered by Software AG

The Intraday Liquidity Monitoring solution offers multinational banks global, entity and currency-level insights into payments and settlements as well as intraday liquidity in real time. In addition to providing the Cognizant tools and data for configurable stress tests as recommended by Basel III, the solution offers forecasting, trend analysis and automated alert generation for management of collateral, cash and FOREX. The solution is based on Software AG’s Digital Business Platform. 

Features and Benefits

Provides a holistic view of Intraday Liquidity

Single view through global dashboard for providing information about all the payments.

Measure expected daily gross liquidity inflows and outflows Monitor intraday liquidity exposures against the available liquidity sources.
Drill down into liquidity usage patterns to various levels

Functionality to drill down into liquidity usage patterns to various levels including country, currency, branch and customer level.

Estimate intraday liquidity costs

The ability to estimate intraday liquidity costs and incorporate these in pricing of credit lines.

Monitor and forecast liquidity buffers across channels

The ability to monitor and forecast liquidity buffers across channels.

Forecast intraday liquidity flows and shortfalls

Forecast intraday liquidity flows and shortfalls; automatic trigger for collateral management and for cash management systems.

Cover Multiple Payments and Reporting formats

Support for all major types of payments and reporting formats (e.g. SWIFT MT/MX , EDIFACT, PACS, PAIN, PAYMUL, CREMUL etc.)

BCBS 248 Regulatory Reports

Ability to produce BCBS 248 regulatory reports, internal MI reports and necessary external stakeholder reports.

Real-Time Analysis and Visualization

The platform’s support of extreme scale and performance on commodity hardware enables more use cases with a lower TCO. It correlates events from many sources, breaking down organizational silos. With the real time dashboards ILM reflects any change in liquidity positions.

Intraday Feature Real-Time Analysis and Visualization

Reports Creation

Cognizant Intraday Liquidity Monitoring Solution can generate BCBS 248 Regulatory Reports, Internal MI Reports and necessary external Stakeholder Reports. It also support for all major types of Payments and Reporting formats (e.g. SWIFT MT/MX , EDIFACT, PACS, PAIN, PAYMUL, CREMUL etc.)

Advanced Analytics Capabilities

The solution provides a configurable engine for complex calculation rules including forecasting, with historic trends as well as trends analysis and the ability to generate alerts based on pre-configured rules.

Best-in-Class Integration Capabilities

Cognizant ILM can integrate with multiple data sources, both internal systems and external standard. Providing out-of-the-box adapters for majority of data sources it heavily reduces the need of coding and can be expanded to new data feeds such as financial new, etc.

Intraday Feature Best-in-Class Integration Capabilities


Solution Brief Intraday Liquidity Monitoring
White Paper Strategic Intraday Liquidity Monitoring Solution for Banks
Screenshot Intraday Liquidity Monitoring Layers Intraday Screenshot 1


A Cognizant solution powered by Software AG

Retail Connect Solution

Cognizant‘s Retcon solution generates real-time marketing offers based on retail stores check-ins, in-store activity, social and other customer centric information. The solution uses Software AG's Apama, webMethods Integration and Universal Messaging.

Features and Benefits

Connects IoT

Devices like Beacons and mobile are used along with integration patterns such as: Amazon SQS API, Amazon SNS API, webMethods ESB, Apama Streaming Analytics and Presto dashboard.

Provide suitable offers on the product

Based on:

  • Customer purchase history
  • Number of customers in a specific section/department 
  • Customers interaction with a given product 
  • Customers movement within the store
Real-time personalized offers

When users doing their shopping in the store, using beacons and mobile devices the information on products being shopped are captured and this solution provides personalized offers to users through their mobiles.


Presentation Retcon Solution Overview
Overview Retcon Header Image

Echeck Solution

A Cognizant solution powered by Software AG

eCheck solution is aimed at making checks acceptance easier, safer and most cost effective for banks. It helps streamline the check acceptance process, reduce paper work and expedite closure, balance updates and settlement processes. Cognizant developed a solution using Software AG BPMS suite which expands online payment options and automates processing to help increase sales and reduce costs. Banking customers having checking accounts, including small businesses that currently have little access to electronic payment systems can benefit immensely from this eCheck processing. 

Features and Benefits

Secure Transactions

eCheck solution allows financial institutions to combine safety, cost-effectiveness, reporting efficiencies of SWIFT based transactions with established business processes and rich legal framework of paper checks.

Efficient Tracking

This solution provides improved querying, fraud check detection, tracking and reporting facilities by validating beneficiary account details, account number, MICR code, and availability of funds.

Speeds Processing Time

When checks are cleared in one day instead of three or more days, financial float costs are virtually eliminated, leveling the playing field considerably. Check fraud currently costs banks $1 billion and merchants $10 billion in losses. It saves banks and merchants huge losses by cutting down the time it takes to return bad check information to the financial institution.

Fraud Detection

With instant access to eChecks, banks can detect and track fraudulent activity in initial stages and implement new applications to protect against losses. Banks see significant improvement in skip tracing efforts by retrieving name and address information from eChecks.


Presentation eCheck Solution Overview
Overview Echeck Solution Header Image

Smart Insure

A Cognizant solution powered by Software AG

Cognizant's Smart Insure solution is designed to perform the screening functions traditionally completed by insurance functions in paper mode, in a smart and automated manner with an option of manual intervention (as necessary) thereby leading to a faster & efficient process while issuing an Insurance Policy. Developed with the Software AG BPMS suite, the solution makes the underwriting processes more consistent, reduce costs, and achieve greater productivity from the underwriters. Easy to integrate IT systems and provide underwriters with access to critical data to assess the potential for future risks. This solution also simplify simplifies complex and time-consuming underwriting processes, thereby reducing costs and enhancing customer experience. This solution covers following functionalities: New Business |Claims |Policy Owner Admin |Product Management. 

Features and Benefits

Follows SOA Model

Follows SOA Model consisting of presentation layer, process layer, services layer, data and application layer.

Reusable and Configurable

Reusable and extensible UI, processes, rules, and services. Configurable business processes and rules based on the business requirements like approval hierarchy, process routing etc.

User Friendly Reporting

Business user friendly reporting dashboard depicting business data, KPIs, and complex events.

Consistant Underwriting Process

This solution makes the underwriting processes more consistent, reduce costs, and achieve greater productivity from the underwriters.

User Friendly Reporting

Business user friendly reporting dashboard depicting business data, KPIs, and complex events.


Presentation Smart Insure Solution Overview
Overview Smart insure Header Image

Wash Trade Solution

A Cognizant solution powered by Software AG

Cognizant's Wash Trade Solution detects the wash-trade events from high frequency trading data streams. Whenever a user suspects that the wash trade has occurred, they trigger the event matching mechanism by sending out an event with all required details. As the event reaches the Apama application, it checks for the patterns matching within the all available records in the given time period and alert the user with the list of wash trade records. The solution uses Software AG's Apama, webMethods Integration and Universal Messaging. 

Features and Benefits

Flexible to changing environments

Power to adjust to continuously shifting market scenarios and continuously changing regulations requirements.

Low latency

Trading strategies executes with very low latency and satisfies real-time risk management needs.

Rapidly define event-based rules Enables end business users to rapidly define event-based rules to identify patterns indicating opportunities and threats to the business.
Rapidly define event-based rules

Enable end business users to rapidly define event-based rules to identify patterns indicating opportunities and threats to the business.

Efficient pattern analysis

Events can be captured and preserved in time-order sequence for historical pattern analysis and root-cause analysis


Presentation Wash Trade Solution Overview
Overview Wash Trade Header Image


A Cognizant solution powered by Software AG

Cognizant's Lifecon solution enables devices and things to be integrated. This solution provides a holistic view of connected life using SMAC & IoT. It keeps a record of daily activities of a person by integrating IoT devices with cloud APIs, such that the person is connected to social media, environment, health, home, money, etc. all in same platform. This solution uses Software AG's webMethods Integration. 

Features and Benefits

Supports multiple functionalities

This solution can help with different aspects of life: health management, home management, finance management, etc. 

Post status to Facebook

Based on weather conditions received from forecast sites, it updates Facebook for work out location using different integration patterns like Openweather API, Facebook API and webMethods IBO.

Suggests optimum hydration rate and suggests suitable food

Based on information such as distance traveled, steps taken or calories burnt from a smart device, it suggests optimum hydration rate and suggest suitable food. On BMI received from smart devices it suggests exercises. This uses Fitbit API and webMethods IBO Integration patterns. This also uses FitBit Flex and Fitbit Aria IOT devices. 

Suggests restaurants or events

Based on important dates recorded in Facebook such as wedding anniversaries, it can suggest restaurants or events. This uses integration patterns like Facebook API and webMethods IBO.

Holistic view of connected life

This solution uses SMAC and IoT. It keeps a record of daily activities of a person by integrating IoT devices with cloud APIs, such that the person is connected to social media, environment, health, home, money, etc. all in same platform.


Presentation Lifecon Solution Overview
Overview Lifecon HEader Image

Integrated Process Management Services

Digital integration and process management expertise

World's leading Integration and Process Management practice

Integrated Process Management (IPM) is one of Cognizant's leading technology practices and one of the world's largest integration middleware and process management group. Cognizant's IPM Practice has provided high quality integration & Process Management solutions to the world's leading corporations across various domains allowing business applications to assume new and progress roles.

Our service offerings are equipped with new-generation solutions, frameworks & methodologies, powered by industry best-practices & extensive knowledge repositories that help us deliver unique value to our clients.


Features and Benefits

Indicative Customer Benefits

We help our customers enhance their performance and accuracy for improving data visibility with simplified processes, reduced complexity and reduced operational costs. By reducing paperwork, effort and overall costs we help enhance the customer experience and easily automate manual processes.

This is How We Do It

Cognizant is a leading provider of information technology, consulting, and business process outsourcing services, dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses.

The recipient of Software AG’s Partner Innovation Awards in 2015 & 2014 with the impressive track record of several other awards & recognitions from Software AG, Cognizant has been a champion of Digital Transformation & Innovation with 600+ customer success stories involving Software AG over 9+ Years.

Cognizant has 650+ Software AG technology experts with 200+ certifications servicing 80+ Software AG customers, and providing NextGen IT industry solutions powered by Software AG – making Cognizant the partner of choice for customers in their Digital Integration & Process Digitization journey.

Integrated Process Management Service Feature This is how we do it

Software AG Digital Integration and Process Management Expertise


Integrated Process Management Service Feature SAG Digital Integration

Software AG Technology Specializations
  • Task engine
  • Process engine
  • eStandards
  • EntireX
  • ARIS
  • IS 9.x
  • Broker 9.x
  • MWS 9.x
  • TN 9.x
  • BPMS (Task and Process Engine Included) 9.x
  • Centrasite Active SOA 9.x
  • Mediator 9.x
  • CAF 9.x
  • Apama Streaming Analytics
  • Terracotta In-Memory Data Fabric
  • Presto
  • Nirvana
  • Command Central

Integrated Process Management Service Feature SAG Technology Specializations

Software AG Competency Coverage

Our integrated and interconnected coverage includes:

Integrated Process Management Service Feature SAG Competency Coverage


Customer Journey Mapping

Joint Proposition of Cognizant & Software AG

Our Customer Journey Design solution is an enterprise-wide collaborative process improvement environment focused on enabling the desired state customer experience. The solution aligns the defined cross-channel customer experience with underlying business process.
Customer Journey Design can help you design the technical and organizational transformations required to create a friction-less customer experience in support of those journeys.

Features and Benefits

Differentiated Experience Highlights opportunities for meeting customer needs (or surprising and delighting shoppers) that provide a competitive advantage during the shopper journey
Streamlining the Purchase Process Reveals missed opportunities or points where the experience breaks and where a shopper might abandon their search or product selection. Ensures touch points are aligned with key customer needs and that customers are not over/under handled
Functional Alignment Creates a shared view of the customer experience across an organization. Ensures common vision that aligns different channels (online, retail, partner channel) and functions (marketing, sales, operations, customer service, product design) around a desired customer experience
Marketing Mix Ensures marketing tactics and engines are aligned and tailored to address the different influences, needs, sources of information, and media habits of different shopper scenarios at each stage of journey
Customer Journey Mapping
  • Our solution aims to: Define the desired state cross-channel customer journey
  • Connect business strategy with supporting business process
  • Harmonize and standardize business activities with IT systems
  • Drive out transparent processes
  • Enable controlled, manageable & agile processes



+44 0 787 613 8546


Presentation Customer Journey Mapping - Joint Proposition

Joint value proposition

Customer Journey Mapping Screenshot 1


Measureable benefits

Customer Journey Mapping Screenshot 2

PRIMA - Process Insights through Monitoring & Analysis

Automated Process Discovery & Analysis

Enabling Enterprise Process Discovery & Analysis leveraging ARIS PPM

Enabling analysis of people, process & application performance in an organization by leveraging data from disparate transactional systems. Facilitates identification of process issues and their root cause analysis – by marrying data to its underlying process components. Supports organizational analysis by providing insights in areas like – workforce management, process bottlenecks, compliance.


Features and Benefits

Reduced time to market
  1. Traditional process analysis takes around 6-8 weeks for deriving usable results for just 1 process 
  2. Much of this time is spent in data setup, defining KPIs and building industry specific analytics 
  3. PRIMA could help achieve the same in much lesser time (~4 weeks) including initial setup
Better Results
  1. Data driven process analysis removes the scope for manual errors and discretion 
  2. Ability to integrate data with process facilitates better insights and root-cause analysis 
  3. Ability to aggregate process insights over various dimensions like geography, LOB
Enhanced Incremental Benefits
  1. Traditional methods are repetitive and require similar effort for analyzing all processes 
  2. In contrast, PRIMA requires one-time setup and provides exponential benefits over additional processes
Automated Process Discovery Auto Discovery of process patterns across geographies, LOBs based on inputs (e.g. events) from transactional systems
Standard Framework Standard framework to import, read and interpret transactional data from disparate applications and gain end to end process visibility across those applications
OOTB Metrics Package Pre-defined standard Operational metrics (both generic & function specific) to gain insights into performance and compliance of process and people, applicable
Framework Flexibility Flexible framework to accommodate technology specific variations with minimal customization
Visual RCA Dashboard Dashboards with drill down capability to identify process metrics, exceptions, outliers and associate them with underlying process for RCA
Lightweight solution Lightweight solution with minimal infrastructure needs – leveraging ARIS PPM and Mashzone
Discovery & Analysis as a Service Insights anytime anywhere by providing analysis and discovery as-a-service



Presentation PRIMA
Website Website Cognizant Germany

Measuring Productivity

PRIMA Screenshot 1


Measuring Cycle Time

PRIMA Screenshot 2


IoT enabled Smart Warehouse Solution

IoT enabled Smart Inventory Solution

Use case for complete IoT enabled Warehouse solution like - Space Allocation Optimization (3) - Automatic navigation to the inventory storage (4) - Inventory management and control (1,2 and 5) - IoT Enabled Smart Shipping (5) - Monitor Fork Lift Truck Usage and Health 

Features and Benefits

End-to-End visibility on inventory
Real-time updates on inventory count
Real-time alerts for mismatch between inventory data in ERP and actual inventory in warehouse
Real time data received from sensors/beacons ensure that actual inventory levels are measured
Restocking process becomes more efficient and stock out losses are avoided
Automatic navigation & Space Optimization
  • IoT identifies the right location for the inventory and assigns the available physical storage location. 
  • IoT updates Virtual Warehouse and ERP

Smart Warehouse Feature Automatic navigation

Inventory management
  • IoT verifies accuracy of the order before packing 
  • IoT tags the packages with correct delivery information
  • IoT identifies the right carrier vehicle for each order 
  • IoT tracks the movement of shipments using GPS and updates the data into tracking database
  • Sensors at the receiving conveyor capture the inbound inventory data and feed the same into IoT Cloud.
Space Optimization UseCase
  • IoT very frequently tracks Class A inventory with drones and AGVs. Class B and C inventory are tracked with Bar Code/QR Code scanners on Weekly and Monthly basis respectively. 
  • IoT sensors record physical space utilization
Automatic navigation
  • IoT looks up Virtual Warehouse for ordered inventory and provides the labor/AGV with navigation data. 
  • IoT guides the labor/AGV to pick right inventory


Presentation IoT enabled Smart Warehouse Solution

Mashzone NextGen Real Time Dashboard

Smart Warehouse Screenshot 1


DIP Snapshot – Work Order Events

Smart Warehouse Screenshot 2

Overview Smart Warehouse Header Image

Dynamic Pricing Solution

Dynamic Pricing with IoT

This solution is built using below Integration products and their respective components. 

  1. Software AG – Device Integration Platform 
  2. Software AG – APAMA 
  3. Software AG – MashZone NextGen 
  4. Software AG - Universal Messaging 
  5. Software AG – WebMethods Integration Server

Features and Benefits

Cognitive Commerce

Ability to optimally adjust pricing based on real-time condition monitoring of goods, weather, inventory and other influencers

Wastage Reduction

Curb inventory wastage and optimize profits

Inventory Optimization

Ability to optimally adjust fulfillment models to suit current inventory levels and stock shelf life situation


Reduce errors with human monitoring and allay safety risks

Business Challenge Addressed
  • Dynamic Pricing of Perishable goods based on the shelf life and market demand. BUSINESS CHALLENGES 
  • Wastage due to shelf life expiry 
  • Inventory control for profit maximization 
  • Dynamic Pricing strategy based on lifetime, seasonality influences 
  • Minimize cost and time for replenishment 
  • Addressing safety concerns with expiry 

New Component

  • Maintenance of Cooling equipment 
  • Energy efficiency of equipment
Reduce Perishable Goods Wastage

Dynamic pricing address Top causes for perishable good wastage 

  1. Inaccurate Storage Monitoring 
  2. Transportation Losses 
  3. Ineffective Inventory Management

Dynamic Pricing Feature reduce Perishable goods wastage

Dynamic Pricing Solution Details
  1. Analyze Determine goods to be measured & qualify for storage condition monitoring 
  2. Instrument Instrument storage with IOT supported sensors and DELL Edge Gateway agent 
  3. Connect Communication setup and data ingestion using SoftwareAG Device Integration Platform 
  4. Sense & Respond Receive events from DIP in APAMA 
  5. Visualization MashZone NextGen to visualize the sensor data and real time offers 
  6. Cognitive Commerce Insight-driven pricing to respond to market demand and product shelf life conditions

Dynamic Pricing Feature Dynamic Pricing Solution Details


Presentation Dynamic Pricing with IoT

Dynamic Pricing – Event Patterns

Dynamic Pricing Screenshot 1

Dynamic Pricing – Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Dynamic Pricing Screenshot 2


Dynamic Pricing – Offers

Dynamic Pricing Screenshot 3

Integration products and respective components Dynamic Pricing Header Image

Industrial IoT - Predictive Maintenance Solution

  1. Real time connectivity with factory floor Sensors to gather real time machine data. 
  2. Machine data is matched against pattern library to understand faulty pattern for a given time interval. 
  3. Any match of faulty pattern in a given time interval, an action is initiated. - Email Notification - Work Order Initiation in Maximo - Web Service Initiation 
  4. Sensor data is visualized on Mash zone NextGen.

Features and Benefits

Reduction in Labor Cost

Reduction in Equipment Cost

Increase in Revenue Reduction in Production Cost
New Business Model Increase in Employee Efficiency
Edge Analytics - Solution Detail

Process Variables of Extruder: 

  • Extruder pressure 
  • Extruder Temperature 
  • Extruder Screw speed 
  • Product Flow Process Variable of Coater 
  • Coater Speed 
  • Gap between rollers 
  • Gauge (thickness) of roll (Output)
  • Industrial IoT Feature Edge Analytics
Event Patterns
  1. Threshold Breach 
  2. Fault Pattern

Industrial IoT Feature Event Patterns


Presentation Industrial IoT - Predictive Maintenance Solution

Edge Analytics – Sensor Feeds

Industrial IoT Screenshot 1


Edge Analytics – Alarms

Industrial IoT Screenshot 2

Integration products and respective components Industrial IoT Header Image
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