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Infosys Technologies Ltd (NASDAQ: INFY) defines, designs and delivers IT-enabled business solutions that help Global 2000 companies win in a flat world. These solutions focus on providing strategic differentiation and operational superiority to clients. Infosys creates these solutions for its clients by leveraging its domain and business expertise along with a complete range of services. With Infosys, clients are assured of a transparent business partner, world-class processes, speed of execution and the power to stretch their IT budget by leveraging the Global Delivery Model that Infosys pioneered.

Infosys Portfolio as a Service

powered by Alfabet

Link strategy to execution with a data-driven, capability-based approach

with Infosys Managed Services, powered by Alfabet

Infosys and Software AG have joined forces to combine Infosys’ industry and consulting expertise with the market leading IT Planning and Portfolio Management capabilities of Software AG’s Alfabet. This Portfolio as a Service offering enables organizations to pursue their strategic goals more aggressively by putting more projects on the transformation roadmap while successfully rationalizing their IT asset base. It helps companies to become more agile, speeding up planning and changing the way they link strategy to execution from the top of the organization down to department level.

Features and Benefits

Key benefits
  • Embed the language of strategy and capabilities from the top of the organization down to departmental projects 
  • Accelerate the strategic planning process from annually to quarterly 
  • Extend the visible horizon from twelve months to three years 
  • Enable “what-if” analysis to inform your strategic planning process 
  • Align IT portfolios to business strategy, required capabilities and requested demands 
  • Manage changes to IT portfolios in a consistent and transparent manner 
  • Expose dependencies and impacts between different IT portfolios–current and future 
  • Provide relevant stakeholders with a collaborative planning platform
Single partner accountability

Rely on a single partner to support and manage enterprise tools, ensuring optimal accountability and financial flexibility.

Single source of truth

Capture capabilities in a single integrated inventory to make cross-departmental collaboration possible saving time and costs.

Flexible operational framework Scale for the future with support framework based on best practices.
Common terminology Provide a common understanding about planning elements.
Continuity & continuous improvement

Ensure business continuity with multi-phased implementation and year-over-year improvements with subject matter experts.

Future-state planning Plan for the future and change management with on-demand generation of views of the IT landscape for any desired date or timeframe.
Lower total cost of ownership Optimize costs by leveraging existing support framework.
Portfolio assessment Base portfolio decisions on the value, cost and risk across a number of possible IT investment alternatives according to any number of indicators.


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Code Review Tool

Self code review with single click

Want to perform code review effectively? Or review different code elements in different phases of project with single click? Are your developers and reviewers spending lot of time reviewing and still see issues with code quality?

Our automated code review tool reduces defect injection rate by around 60-90% and improves code review effectiveness by 20%. It also: 

  • Reduces overall review time by around 60% and ensures quality of code through automated review.
  • Reviews one or multiple packages and services in IS against a set of standards followed for a project in that environment.
  • Reduces manual effort drastically.

Features and Benefits

Reduce effort and improve quality
  • Achieve faster build cycle and Increase improve quality
  • Ensures quality of the interfaces, by automation and effective review
  • Helps in reviewing different code elements in different phases of the project lifecycle with a single click.
Reviews the package elements

In house developed code inspection tool which covers different set of reviews (ex. naming standards, hard coding, checkpoints etc.) of the webMethods interfaces and provides a report with status and comments.

Code Review Tool feature Reviews the package elements

  • It helps in reviewing the package after initial development phase with respect to required naming standards, guidelines and also standards mentioned in code review checklist.
  • Reviews services in different packages against different review elements as mentioned below:
    • Empty Map Step, hardcoded values
    • Variable substitution check
    • TimeOut properties
    • File polling check
    • Exit on failure
    • Locally publishing services
    • Trigger level review
    • Document level review
Review from UI with single click

The package can be reviewed from our front end as the review tool is designed using DSP pages which has an user friendly UI.


Presentation Self Code Review

Smart Workbench

Accelerate Interface Development and Delivery

Accelerate Middleware Development and Delivery

  • Reduce Build effort by up to 40%
  • Reduce defect injection rate by around 60-90% and improve code review effectiveness by 20% using code review tool
  • 30% of the SDLC stages are automated

Features and Benefits

Reduce build effort by up to 40% Reduce Build effort by up to 40% by identifying frequently used patterns and release them as template or libraries, adding rapid application development using middleware products. Helps institutionalize reuse through ‘templatization'.
Operational cost reduction Reduce defect injection rate by around 60-90% and improve code review effectiveness by 20% using code review tool.
30% of the SDLC stages are automated

Workbench helps in configuring and automating build. Workbench helps in reusing templates for development and configuration.Workbench helps with Automated Code Review and identifying defects, auditing and error handling.

Reuse templates for pattern based integration
  • Reuse templates for pattern based build enabling faster time to market.
  • Smart workbench is a platform to identify frequently used patterns and release them as template or libraries, adding rapid application development using middleware products. Helps institutionalize reuse through ‘templatization’.
Automated code review tool
  • Automated code review tool reducing defect injection rate and effort required for review.
  • Workbench helps with Automated Code Review and identifying defects, auditing and error handling
  • Ensures quality of the interfaces, by automation and effective review
Connection configuration
  • Reduce effort required for configuring multiple connections
  • Smart workbench helps to speed up the development process
  • Real time and user friendly GUI for fault free and easy interface configuration


Presentation Smart Workbench

Pattern based interface creation

Smart Workbench Screenshot 1


Self code review

Smart Workbench Screenshot 2


Creating Connection

Smart Workbench Screenshot 3

Monitoring Utility

Monitoring dashboard for quick health check and analysis

Monitoring Dashboard

Are webMethods adminstrators spending lot of time for monitoring and identifying issues? Facing issues to login to multiple servers to get stats and fix issues within SLA?

The monitoring dashboard is the utility which helps webMethods admins accomplish administrative monitoring tasks like examine enable/disable services, get service usage and performance statistics.

webMethods Server Monitoring Dashboard tool is used to retrieve details from all configured Integration servers where this utility package is deployed. The tool pulls details from all IS and consolidate statistics with given parameters as below:

  • Current memory usage
  • Server up time and service error count
  • Broker connectivity status
  • Scheduler/trigger/ports and adapter status with element counts

Features and Benefits

Quick health check and monitoring
  • Useful for webMethods admin to cross verify server status and inactive elements within all integration servers across environments.
  • Easy to identify integration server status as part of health monitoring.
  • Easy to identify suspended schedulers/triggers/ports/adapters in one step.
Save manual effort and helps in quick analysis
  • Save manual effort drastically during health check activities
  • Useful to validate Integration availability during P1/P2 Incidents
Save effort during outages and maintenance break

Best reference to crosscheck servers during planned and unplanned network outages.

Dashboard view
  • Access and retrieve dashboard from any Integration Server even when any of the server down.
  • Easy to configure new server by promoting the utility package to target server with minor configuration changes
  • Dashboard access controlled to administrator group.


End to End Monitoring

End to End Business Visibility

Want to know of a problem before it gets too late? Want to know how to track a transaction which is missing? Want to know how to avoid delays impacting business and costing dollars? Want to have an insight into your own business transactions, data flowing across organization and outside?

End to End business visibility framework provides ways to improve and address the typical challenges faced by the business and IT teams, in various business processes. By enabling visibility into the process, it provides automation of the process and gains access to the key levers that control the process right from the initiation of the process until the closure.


Features and Benefits

Power to get visibility of transactions and business process

This framework provides:

  • Power to business users and IT teams to get the visibility of the transactions as they traverse through a defined set of a IT systems/applications
  • An intuitive dashboard which can give an integrated view of the transactions and their key attributes along with search criteria
  • Alert required users or the operations group of any delays that may happen as the transaction move from system to system which reduces time and effort
Quick view of transactions using dashboard
  • Provides ability to configure alert thresholds for each scenarios 
  • Generate E-mail alerts to report transactional delays to respective support groups 
  • Creates dashboard to give statistical insights in to transactions stages and to see charts and trends of transactions across business processes in different regions and scenarios
  • Provides trends and charts that aid in viewing business improvements over a period of time

End to End Monitoring Feature Quick view of transactions using dashboard


Airline Baggage Tracking

Airline baggage and status tracking made easy using Apama

A tracking dashboard which displays the status of the departed, delayed, and arrived status of airlines. If an airline has left the terminal but has not taken off in a stipulated period it is required to generate alerts and send notifications to the required systems. Airline carriers track baggage per passenger and generates an alert if all baggage of a passenger are not checked into the airline.


Features and Benefits

Tracking baggages made easy in a single click

The solution helps in tracking the baggage for the passengers who board the flight and generates alerts for various scenarios. An alert gets generated if and when all of the baggage of a passenger does not get loaded to an aircraft, if a baggage of a passenger is missing. Events get emitted when baggage are checked in. A passenger may have checked in more than 1 baggage. If all the baggage of a passenger do not get loaded to an aircraft, an alert gets generated.

Check and tracking flight status made easy

The solution helps tracks status of flight upon departure from gate and if any delay is detected the alert can be sent to the personnel concerned. Also it generates alerts and captures the details for below scenarios: Flights emit event when they land, take off, taxi etc.  Alerting the passenger if flight arrival is delayed Alert the passenger if flight departure time is changed/delayed Sends alert if a flight has departed the gate, but has not taken off within 20 minutes

Dashboard view to provide latest status of flights and baggage

Solution provides a dashboard view which helps provide latest status update on the status of baggage and flights.


Zero Touch Migration

Seamless & Rapid Migration for Integration Platforms

Infosys' Zero Touch Migration solution enables seamless and rapid migration to new integration platforms. The solution also takes into consideration different challenges and concerns which would slow down the migration process and provides a solution which reduces risks involved, reduces cost for migration, provides accelerated and automated migration approach. Key features of the solution are: 

  • Accelerated and step based migration approach
  • Automated code review and deployment process
  • In-built customizable monitoring dashboards
  • Lower build effort etc.

Features and Benefits

Overcome migration challenges

Zero touch migration solution allows you to overcome many challenges that you face during the migration from one middleware technology to another. The solution helps in addressing the challenges faced during below scenarios and many others:

  • Large no of interfacing applications
  • Diverse and complex integration patterns and point to point integration with legacy systems
  • Slow pace of interface development
  • Slow on boarding of operations to new platform
Handle diverse and large number of integration patterns

The Zero Touch Migration solution ensures that large number of applications and diverse integration patterns are migrated easily. Migration to new platform when there are large number of applications and diverse integration patterns would become cumbersome and difficult for the developers during migration. Our solution helps to handle these kind of migrations with ease and also provides an accelerated solution by using the automated tools and reducing build effort by using pattern based integration.

Accelerated and Automated Build

Our solution provides tools and accelerators which would help in eliminating lot of manual activities during the development and migration process, there by enabling an accelerated and automated build and test phases. Automated code review and deployment will help the developer in reducing build effort and improve quality. It also provides inbuilt customizable monitoring dashboards which enables faster on boarding of support at lower cost.

Five Step Migration Appraoch

Our solution provides a step based approach with 5 steps which helps in rapid and seamless migration.

Step 1: Transformation assessment and pattern construction
Step 2: Connecting identified patterns to the solution
Step 3: Setting or customizing configuration based on migration requirements
Step 4: Configure interfaces in IIW solution using GUI
Step 5: Deploy code and test


Presentation Zero Touch Migration

Automated Testing Utility

Regression testing made easy

This solution helps you perform regression testing quickly, easily and in an automated way. Regression testing is no more a tedious job with this tool. This tool can be extended to other testing phases like unit testing and integration testing where you have many files to compare and list the differences between the files. 

Features and Benefits

Automation using testing utility

This utility helps in reducing manual effort during testing phases of a project. This utility automatically compares the files and provides results highlighting the differences. A report will be generated to show the differences in the output files generated making it easy for comparison and taking further actions.

Saves Time and Effort

As part of regression testing, a developer has to open each set of files and compare them to make sure that there is no difference and test results are proper. If the file size is huge the manual comparison will be difficult. This file comparison utility helps to save effort on:

  • Opening files and comparing files when there is no difference
  • Makes comparison easy for huge files
  • The developer can open only files which has a difference as the report will be generated highlighting the differences
Max case test scenarios can be validated

This utility helps in validating multiple test cases thus providing a wider coverage of test cases within less time and also ensures that all test case scenarios are tested in a single run.


Presentation Testing Utility

Continuous Integration Platform for webMethods

The continuous integration setup has to “rapidly, reliably and repeatedly release working software with low risk and minimal manual overhead”. Infosys Continuous Integration (CI) Platform is a centralized platform that can be leveraged by projects teams working on webMethods applications to schedule automated builds along with integrated code analysis, code coverage, building the binaries, deployment of the application and unit testing.

Features and Benefits

Smooth Build Management

CI/CD helps in easy and smooth build management by providing: • Full history and audit trail of each build • Ability to track the builds, highlighting the status of the build and source versions • Ability to manage any number of builds through a user friendly UI and user control for each build execution.

Audit and Error Tracking
  • Error messages tracked based on message Id
  • Elaborate error codes provided
  • Intelligent dashboard to track individual message and monitor general health of interface
  • Email notifications are sent
  • Reports are generated

Automated review process, compilation, deployment and testing


Role-based security supporting different environments ensuring different teams follow the same processes


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