Build with Software AG

Software AG’s range of capabilities will help to differentiate your solution in the marketplace, 

accelerate your time-to-market and reduce your risks.

Software AG helps you get to market faster

and out-maneuver your competition with market leading capabilities which you can embed into your products.

Deliver ultra-fast decision-making capabilities

Solution Benefits
  • Introduce real-time event processing and predictive analytics to extend your current capabilities and reach new markets. 
  • Detect aberrant business behavior and respond quickly. 
  • Combine real-time and historical data to identify behaviors. 
  • Recognize complex rules and patterns, handle massive amounts of “data in motion” from multiple data sources. 
  • Use “learned” information to identify future business performance. 
  • Add new rules, fine-tune existing rules in real-time.

Perform visual analytics in the “now”

Solution Benefits
  • Embed Business analytics and reporting to deliver the actionable intelligence via intuitive visualization capabilities. 
  • Combine real-time data with historical measures into a single view. 
  • Provides context as the basis for intelligent action, merge business processes, transactions and events into a new perspective.

Deliver acceleration for performance and scale

Solution Benefits
  • Add scale and speed to your existing applications to deliver new revenue streams, save money and win customers. 
  • Store relevant data in-memory for real-time responses. 
  • Integrate siloed data for holistic monitoring and awareness (Low Latency Messaging).

Unify and optimize applications and data to deliver advanced capabilities

Solution Benefits
  • Modernize and improve the way solutions communicates so all data is available to customers under a common framework. 
  • Integrate SaaS apps securely with CRM and on-premise apps. Master data management of product or customer, reference and hierarchical data. 
  • Connect, integrate and mobilize all kinds of applications in real time. 
  • Connect to Hadoop®, social, enterprise, web, mobile and other sources from a single scalable connectivity solution. 
  • Count on ultra-low latency messaging for real-time sources.

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