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Software AG and PwC have developed a joint solution that enables companies to become digital and mature to achieve continuous assurance. Continuous assurance is the optimized state of control in which an organization can constantly provide trust to its stakeholders about risks and compliance without losing sight of business performance and strategy execution.

Today’s organizations are finding their efforts in internal control too costly and, more and more, only beneficial to external stakeholders. Fortunately, the potential benefits of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) are unlimited in the new digitized world. With social media, mobile devices, cloud computing and big data, change will be constant. Your future value will not be measured only with last year’s financials but by your ability to adapt your business model to these technology changes in an ever-increasing environment of regulatory and social pressure. You need to become more agile.

Successful organizations can create competitive advantage through the use of new technologies in both their business models and their internal control system. Through the use of new continuous monitoring systems over risks, compliance and business performance areas, organizations can provide continuous assurance to their stakeholders through a transparent dialog and thus create trust for the future. 

Digitization is a huge enabler for creating transparency and for providing trust to internal and external stakeholders at once. Software AG and PwC are partners in enabling enterprises to achieve the state of continuous assurance. Since this is an optimal state at the end of a journey, the partners provide a road map Towards Continuous Assurance (TCA).

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