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Manojkumar Narayanakurup

330 Potrero Avenue


CA 94085, United States

+1-908-342-7387 (US) +91 9740099225 (India)



HCL’s Pathfinder™ is a cross-referenced catalog of business-driven views. Pathfinder helps reduce the cost and time of the process discovery phase as customers can leverage the repository of pre-defined processes to arrive at as-is and/or to-be processes. The tool enables users to model, analyze and visualize multi-layers of the enterprise with a technology underpinning to obtain the most comprehensive IT and enterprise world-view in terms of assets, process flows, architectures and models. Some of the key advantages are:

  • Single, definitive and open repository
  • Process-centric asset management
  • Comprehensive modelling framework (based on established standards & notations)
  • Advanced analysis for impact, states (current, transition and target) at multiple levels
  • Address multiple consumer population (strategic-management, stakeholders to tactical-business & IT users, auditors & architects, etc.)
  • Reusable, interchangeable and stageable data

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