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Deploying blockchain? You need interoperability with the enterprise.

Blockchain can’t stand alone. Our digital solution provides:

  • • Seamless integration of blockchain with legacy technology for interoperability
  • • Monitoring, exception management and alerting of blockchain events
  • • Governance and security to enterprise or industry-wide blockchains

Key Benefits

  • Ensure interoperability
    • Blockchain access layer
    • Off- and on-chain application interoperability
    • Intra-chain interoperability
  • Count on governance
    • Governance and control over access
    • API life-cycle management
    • Operational intelligence and control
  • Process events in real time
    • State management between off- and on-chain systems
    • Smart contract and event validation
    • Account and transaction surveillance
    • Monitoring events and analytics
  • Automate processes
    • Off-chain process orchestration
    • Improved time-to-value


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