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Your smart solution for real-time trade activity monitoring and risk management.

Avoid costly trading errors without missing timely trading opportunities:

  • • Analyze streaming, high-volume trade order data with real-time analytics
  • • Act in response to real-time data triggers
  • • Evolve flexibly to meet growing demands

Key Benefits

  • Real-time analysis of high-volume trade order data
    • Immediately detect exceptions and anomalies
    • Works with your rule sets and trading strategies
    • Integrates with other GRC applications to ensure consistent compliance
  • Configured for action in response to real-time data triggers
    • Scrutinizes trade order exceptions upon detection
    • Facilitates immediate response according to your rules
    • Communicates with other GRC systems and personnel
  • Flexibility to meet evolving demands
    • Configure a range of contextual responses
    • Enable automated or mediated response to exceptions

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