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Supply Chain Visibility

Supply chain resilience depends on end-to-end visibility.

Stay ahead of kinks in your supply chain so that you can meet customer expectations with fewer surprises:

  • • Interact cost effectively with all supply chain partners
  • • Respond with configurable alerts and actions
  • • Meet ever-evolving demands flexibly

Key Benefits

  • Facilitate partner collaboration
    • Cost-effective approach to trading network participation
    • Format-agnostic approach facilitates partner input
    • Integration and transformation engines operate behind the scenes
  • Mitigate exceptions with timely insights
    • Define and prioritize alerts and alert thresholds
    • Receive alerts when anticipated events do not occur
    • Respond flexibly to different alert scenarios
    • Automate responses where automation is beneficial
  • Enable a more resilient supply chain
    • Supply Chain Visibility informs Software AG’s Smart Logistics and Process Analytics
    • Plays a critical role in the Digital Business Platform’s broader Supply Chain Risk Management solution

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