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Create long-lasting customer loyalty with right-time, personalized, location-based targeting.

Differentiate your brand through right-time and personalized marketing:

  • • Understand your customers' location in real time to maximize response rates
  • • Deliver offers, promotions, product and service updates, and 1-2-1 dialogs to a segment of one
  • • Create a marketplace to connect your users with merchants

Key Benefits

  • Engage customers at the right time, right channel with location-based marketing
    • Yield 10x response rates compared to non-segmented promotions
    • Detect a customer's situation by observing their location
    • Select most appropriate channel for offer depending on location and time
  • Individualize and personalize marketing
    • Move towards a segment of one where customer feels understood
    • Use all historic context and real-time information to create this segment of one
    • Incorporate past purchase history, past purchase locations, repeat visits and more
    • Target customers based on historical context, real-time location and any additional data source, such as weather
  • Integrate campaign management and loyalty platforms
    • Protect your existing IT and business assets
    • Enhance or extend existing campaign management with real-time location-based marketing
    • Integrate across data, process and user interface
  • Connect customers with merchants
    • Create a marketplace for multi-tenant retail environments, such as airports and shopping centers
    • Merchants have their own account and reporting, manage their own campaigns and messaging
    • Policy framework maintained centrally to avoid misuse
  • Offer conversion rate increases by a factor of 10 based on:
    • Right offer
    • Right time
    • Right location
    • Right channel
  • Use flexible location feeds, such as geo-fencing, iBeacon™, WiFi
    • Works indoors and outdoors
    • Set up geo-fences around specific points like entrances, car parks
    • Trigger on customer enter, exit, dwell within these geo-fences
    • Flexible rules set up by marketers, not IT
  • Maximize relevance with inputs such as:
    • Weather
    • Time of day
    • Social interaction
    • Competitor activity
  • Engage colleagues
    • Provide alerts to colleagues to offer assistance if customer dwell time in one location is too long
  • Support Agile innovation
    • Create, test, measure and refine campaigns multiple times each day
    • Simple setup with no technical expertise required

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Connected Customer by Software AG

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