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Corporate Social Responsibility

Creating sustainable value

For us, corporate social responsibility means showing conscious respect for responsible and sustainable action. For that reason, we embrace values such as trust and respect, openness and transparency above all else. For years, these principles have been used in our customer relationships, our technologies, our partnerships, employee training and decisions on investments in our company—to the benefit of our shareholders and society as a whole. Combined non-financial statement


Sustainability and responsible action are guiding principles for Software AG

We are certain that moral principles and economic success not only go together, they belong together. Out of respect for future generations, it is important to us to conserve resources in order to achieve sustainable economic, ecological and social progress.

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For us, behaving responsibly means that we:

  • Help our customers around the world achieve long-term success
  • Continuously improve our standards
  • Are a long-term partner—and therefore a reliable partner
  • Enable employees to grow along with the company
  • Add value to society
  • Observe the highest social standards in our daily activities
  • Promote education and innovation—at our locations and all over the world


for our stakeholders

Social values also shape our international business activities.We introduced our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics back in 2011. These guidelines ensure good and responsible corporate governance and establish a framework for what Software AG considers to be ethically correct conduct in its day-to-day business and relationships with all of its stakeholders and their different cultures. The Code of Conduct is mandatory for all Software AG employees.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Move Your Feet 2018

Examples: Our Commitment

Move Your Feet to Give a Hand

For more than 10 years, this campaign has been combining corporate sports with team spirit and social activism. Every kilometer run by Software AG employees at official races is matched with a specific donation sum.

Learn more
Move Your Feet Special Love 200

Examples: Our Commitment

Check presented to Special Love

As part of Software AG’s Move Your Feet to Give a Hand campaign, our US colleagues ran to earn an impressive sum of $8,006  in 2017—and donated it again to Special Love, a children’s cancer foundation. They celebrated this with a joint picnic.

Learn more
Black Knights Move Your Feet 200

Examples: Our Commitment

Check presentation to the Black Knights

A marvelous 8,000 euros went to the players on the Black Knights power chair hockey team from Dreieich as part of the Move Your Feet initiative.

Learn more (in German)
ENG Logo Auf Augenhoehe 1

Examples: Our Commitment

Integration at Eye Level

We foster charitable service to facilitate the integration of refugees through a fund called "At Eye Level" which the Software AG Foundation set up in 2016 under the auspices of GLS-Treuhand.

Learn more (in German)
Calliope-mini-Projekt 200

Examples: Our Commitment

Calliope mini Project

Software AG employees volunteer in elementary school computer clubs to teach students how to work with microprocessors. Findings from the pilot project can be viewed in the form of YouTube instructional videos.

Learn more (in German)
Kochaktion Lillien 200

Examples: Our Commitment

Under the Sign of the Lily

As part of the "Under the Sign of the Lily" campaign, Software AG and the SV Darmstadt 98 soccer club are working together to organize inclusive events and charitable projects. Learn more
Gruppenbild 9.2.17 Kickoff SWC.200

Examples: Our Commitment

Promoting young IT professionals

The Software Campus trains IT leaders of the future. Software AG is one of 21 partners from business and research that back the leadership development program. Learn more
Donation Common Ground Child Care Center 200

Examples: Our Commitment

Bike Build for Charity

As part of the Global Marketing Team event, Software AG donated to the Common Ground Child Care Center, a charitable organization that supports families and children in Reston, Virginia (USA). Learn more
Du musst kämpfen Sondertrikot 200

Examples: Our Commitment

We are fighting!

...together for Johnny. In honor of the first anniversary of Johnny’s death, Software AG and SV Darmstadt 98 have designed a special jersey that the team wore at its home match against 1. FSV Mainz 05. 1898 jerseys went on sale and so incredible 18,980 euros came as a donation for the "DUMUSSTKÄMPFEN!" initiative. Learn more (in German)

Our Project Partners

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