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Digital technologies offer a unique opportunity for improving the standard of living and for creating ways of living and working that protect the environment and resources. We support our customers with our software solutions in their transformation to a digital enterprise so they can successfully compete at the global level while at the same time contributing to sustainability efforts.

Customer Projects in detail

Here is some information on sustainable projects that we have realized together with our customers.

Royal Dirkzwager

Royal Dirkzwager, a maritime services and information provider, uses Apama Streaming Analytics from Software AG to gather shipping and weather data and analyze it in real time. The company can handle more than 1,500 messages per second. The ability to process huge data volumes extremely quickly has enabled Royal Dirkzwager to penetrate new markets, optimize processes and reduce costs. The company’s customers use the information to plan and synchronize their activities, cut costs and in particular optimize resources to save fuel. This has led to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Maccabi Healthcare Services

In Israel, all citizens are covered by statutory insurance and can choose between four insurance companies. Maccabi Healthcare Services is one of these companies. Software AG worked closely with Maccabbi to develop a solution that reduces costs, implements new statutory provisions faster, monitors processes better and reduces the risk of incorrect medical treatment. Now parents can even contact their child’s pediatrician outside of office hours via a mobile app.


With 2.7 million inhabitants, Medellin is the second-largest city in Columbia. Thanks to Software AG technology, the city was able to implement a new flexible and user-friendly IT infrastructure for its citizens. In consultation with the government office for online services, Medellin now offers its citizens a platform for submitting requests for information, complaints or concerns in person, by mobile phone or online. It allows residents to participate in local government and to track their inquiry until it is resolved. Inquiries range in topic from legal questions to comments on federal employees’ conduct or service to suggestions for improving city infrastructure. Since the enhancement to citizen services, the number of inquiries processed has increased by a factor of ten. This illustrates that innovative software can be a catalyst for economic growth and social justice.


The municipality of Ekurhuleni is located in one of the most densely populated areas in South Africa. Technology from Software AG enabled the local government to optimize its services, make its processes leaner and automate them. One especially impressive example of the advantages of shorter response times is the free water and electricity services for needy citizens. Processing applications for these services often took more than three months, so that the citizens’ power and water were sometimes shut off before the application was approved. Now the processing time takes only 21 days at most.

Georgia Technology Authority

The Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) provides IT infrastructure services to state and local government entities. The GTA aims to create a transparent, integrated public administration that focuses on the needs of its citizens. The project with Software AG provided a platform for data sharing between Georgia’s residents and government agencies. Software AG’s ARIS and webMethods products were used to create a common platform for data sharing between citizens and government agencies in the state of Georgia, USA.


To align the Croatian education system with European and global standards, ARIS tools were used to create a detailed concept for the future application system for the entire country. This application system enables students to apply to different universities with a single application process. Moreover, they can receive a clear overview of all subjects required for state exams at any time.

Our Products

Produkt Adabas & Natural CSR

With our Adabas & Natural 2050+ agenda, we guarantee that we will continue developing Adabas & Natural through the year 2050 and beyond, along with providing the corresponding services and IT expertise. This way, we enable our customers to utilize the potential that digitalization offers for their enterprise applications over the long term.

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Produkt DBP
Digital Business Platform

The Digital Business Platform bundles Software AG’s comprehensive product portfolio and is designed to help organizations master the digital transformation seamlessly. It integrates well-known data, integration and process platforms with highly compatible software solutions to offer vendor-neutral solutions.

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We want to help our customers reap the greatest benefits from our products. To do so, we offer basic solutions that we can adapt incrementally and in close collaboration with customers so they can optimize their efficiency and profits. We maintain a large partner network that helps us improve constantly. The digital transformation will succeed together with our partners. The know-how of our IT experts combined with the business know-how of our partners will produce the right decisions to create a better future for all.


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