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Healing Social Impulses

The Software AG Foundation is a non-profit organization under civil law, which was founded in 1992 by Dr. h.c. Peter Schnell in Darmstadt, Germany. The foundation uses the earnings from its assets of around €1.5 billion to support selected projects operated by independent charitable organizations. Holding 34 percent of the Software AG shares, the Software AG Foundation is also a key anchor investor, ensuring long-term independence and job security for Software AG. Learn more

Funding Principles

The foundation’s grant making is guided by the following principles:

  • Help independent organizations and initiatives to obtain the necessary resources to carry out their projects.
  • Support projects in a measured and targeted way.
  • Grants should be understood as a means to help people to help themselves.
  • Fund projects that put meaningful ideas into action, that directly improve the well-being of our communities and that set examples for the future.
  • Project initiators are expected to demonstrate a high degree of motivation, commitment and personal responsibility.
  • Personal contact with the individuals involved in the project is critical for us.
  • Provide immediate and direct support.

Joint projects with Software AG

Move Your Feet to Give a Hand

Software AG, the representatives of the Supervisory Board and the Software AG Foundation donate a fixed amount of money for each kilometer run by employees at official running competitions. In 2018, staff members covered a distance of 7,459 (2017: 6,376) kilometers and raised a donation of €32,500 (2017: €28,000). Since the campaign began 11 years ago, Software AG’s employees have covered 95,410 kilometers in total, more than two times around the world.

Fund "Auf Augenhöhe"

Taking responsibility and creating prospects: Software AG Foundation and its partners participate in the aid fund "Auf Augenhöhe". The initiative provides financial support to community foundations that are volunteering to help integrate refugees in Germany. It supports projects that promote inclusion and appreciate diversity.
Stiftungsgründer Schnell mit hellem Sakko

Dr. h.c. Peter Schnell

Co-Founder of the Software AG Foundation

“By nature, fraternity should prevail in humans’ economic life in contrast to liberty in cultural life and equality in the legal sphere. Even if we are clearly far from this conscious fraternity today, we must set tangible examples for the future of the world. Fraternity is not giving to others out of sympathy, but developing a true interest in them. That is why we help our project partners apply their inspiration in a responsible and beneficial way for other people and for our nature.”

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The Software AG Foundation

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