2020 MachNation Device Management Scorecard

Don’t overcomplicate IoT. When it comes to IoT device management, work with Software AG, leader in the 2020 MachNation Device Management Scorecard with our Cumulocity IoT platform. Software AG is the ONLY vendor of the 13 evaluated to attain the LEADING SCORE for integration, lifecycle management and architecture.

Make IoT device management simple by using our platform. MachNation notes our:

  • Hardware-agnostic approach so you can connect any “thing”
  • Plug-and-play OPC-UA protocol integration
  • Support for SNMP—ideal for manufacturers and Industry 4.0
  • Excellent at-scale management of assets
  • Speed in managing bulk device configurations

“By offering a comprehensive suite of device management capabilities, (Software AG) customers are able to quickly develop and deploy the platform with fewer requirements for custom development and integration compared to competitor offerings that are less productized,” the MachNation scorecard says.

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