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                EA as a Service

Speaker: Sudhanshu BhatnagarEA & Automation Lead, Accenture

Abstract: Transforming Application Service model, by introducing EA as a Service. This includes:

  • Define Enterprise Architecture Vision Definition and establishment of EA Function
  • Enterprise Architecture Assessment, EA Strategy and roadmap, target state blueprinting
  • Manage cross industry architecture for M&A and Spin-off scenario
  • Run EA office using APM tool. Automation and alignment Business North star with EA KPIs    

Industry: Professional services, IT services, Consulting


City of Reykjavik

                How IT Supports Innovation & Improves Services at the City of Reykjavik

Speaker: Kári Svavarsson, CTO, City of Reykjavik

Abstract: Cooperation between service providers and IT specialists creates a unified experience for the citizens of Iceland's capital city. See how teamwork, along with Software AG's webMethods, enables end-to-end processes and faster service processing time, preventing wait time. Discover how Reykjavik was able to open access to services, as well as find ways to optimize services and create new ones. 

Industry: Government

Product: webMethods


                Improving Old World Programs to New World Mechanics

Speaker: Guy Serfaty, Head of the Infrastructure Development Department, Clal Insurance

Abstract: Avoid keystrokes with this stroke of genius. Clal Insurance, a Software AG customer, has developed a generic conversion tool that turns any known XML/JSON™ that represents a request to join an insurance saving plan into an internal API using metadata. Clal Insurance uses the tool to gather information from various providers and create a generic and quick API to its core systems. The innovation saves time and avoids manually keying data into forms.

Industry: Insurance

Product: webMethods


                J-Apps: GeicoTaikisha’s IIOT Vertical Solution

Speaker: Juan Sebastian Avila Cortes, Junior Automation Integrator, GeicoTaikisha

Abstract: GeicoTaikisha is rethinking the autobody industry. But it requires the ability to quickly pivot to improve quality and stay ahead of new technology developments. GeicoTaikisha is developing a set of specific applications using Software AG's Cumulocity IIOT platform to continuously capture and analyze data coming from all our paintshops. This allows the company to continuously evolve and improve processes, by providing accurate and valuable information to the customer and our internal engineering team.

Industry: Manufacturing

Product: Cumulocity IoT



                BPM as the Foundation for Business Excellence

Speaker: Arie Jan Plaisier, Global Process and Control Improvement, Heineken

Abstract: Cheers to Heineken, a Software AG customer, who cares about process excellence. Processes are the backbone of all related information, such as risks and controls, KPIs, applications and standard operating procedures. So the multinational brewing company captures global processes in the Heineken Enterprise Process Model. The critical model:

  • Provides transparency into business process ownership
  • Serves as a solid foundation for deploying core processes
  • Acts as the starting point for measuring and improving them to achieve process excellence
Join this session if you thirst for better processes at the core of your business.   
Industry: Retail
Product: ARIS, webMethods

                Smart IoT-Enabled Remote Tank Monitoring

Speaker: to be confirmed

Abstract: Ensuring a balance between economic viability, safety, and sustainability is a continuous effort for energy companies. More so as hydrocarbons and petrochemicals are also highly flammable products. Large energy companies have storage tanks across the world, and they receive and dispatch petrochemicals 24/7. How should energy companies monitor and manage their oil and gas storage facilities so that they are always meeting their consumer’s needs? Software AG and Infosys have developed a Smart IoT-enabled Remote Tank Monitoring Solution to do just this.

Industry: Software Development

Product: Cumulocity IoT



                Fleet Modernisation: Moving from Monolith to Platform Eco-System

Speaker: Dalene Minnaar, Enterprise Architect, Standard Bank

Abstract: Standard Bank was established in 1862 and is the biggest lender by assets in Africa. Its Fleet Management Division, with the largest market share in South Africa, started to lose ground to FinTechs who offered niche services.

Mainframe technology was holding the business back. The entire business model needed to transform from transactional card and managed maintenance to an insights-driven digital business able to create new value for customers by leveraging a partner ecosystem.

The modernization journey started in 2019 and, in record time, Standard Bank was able to use the Software AG platform to capture the market with new digital offerings while extending the value of a 35-year-old mainframe built with Adabas & Natural.

Industry: Banking

Product: Adabas & Natural


                From Start-up Transitioning to Fully Scalable Organization

Speaker: Ronald Veerbeek, VP of Operations and Michiel Overeem, Sr Process Architect, Stars & Stories

Abstract: A start-up phase transitioning into a full scale-up is a crucial yet difficult step to take. Moving forward from an entrepreneurial mindset into a more mature structured organization entails creating structure plus repetitive processes that are meant to scale, are reliable and also sustainable. The desire to grow requires a structure founded in processes in order to achieve exponential growth.

Industry: Comms & Media

Product: ARIS


                Using ARIS for a Common Operating Model

Speaker: Samantha Rose, Associate Director, Business Process Architecture, Asset Management, Sydney Trains

Abstract: Sydney Trains used ARIS to document and design processes for its Enterprise Asset Management (SAP) Program. The end goal was to redesign the process into a true Common Operating Model to drive adoption of new tech and undergo work required to realize the operational benefits in our Asset Management business.

Industry: Transportation

Product: ARIS


                Enterprise API Fabric for a Large Telecom Manufacturer

Speaker: Deepali Saini, Integration & API Management Platform, Lead & Enterprise Architect, TCS

Abstract: In today’s hyper-competitive, always-connected world, businesses have to continuously reinvent their business models and build innovative offerings to create value and improve the customer experience. Successful businesses have been able to sail this wave of digital disruption by either building an ecosystem (by collaborating with partners and other stakeholders) or by participating in one.

API Fabric provides a framework with needed tools and accelerators to enable these ecosystems by interconnecting different businesses and smart devices, and harnessing the creativity and intelligence of different communities. 

Industry: IT Services, Business Solutions, Consulting

Product: webMethods


                Manufacturing Excellence Platform

Main Contact: Kiran Dasari, Practice Head, Digital Engineering Solutions, Americas Tech Mahindra 

Abstract: Our clients in the manufacturing industry require visibility across factories and enterprise, ability to monitor equipment, predict failures, and capture critical operational data. Industry 4.0 offers the promise of “smart factories,” but manufacturers often find it challenging to implement true automation and data exchange on the factory floor. We are pleased to introduce Manufacturing Excellence Platform, a new Industry 4.0 solution from Software AG and Tech Mahindra, that uses the Cumulocity IoT platform to overcome the traditional problems of industries by providing features like monitoring dashboards, streaming analytics, predictive maintenance, digital twins etc. Manufacturing Excellence Platform simplifies automation and data exchange for manufacturers across all devices, networks, industry verticals, and use cases.

Industry: IT & Services

Product: Cumulocity IoT

Zimmer Biomet Holdings

                Driving IT Application & Technology Strategy with IT Portfolio Management

Speaker: Dave Lahiri, IT Assoc. Director, Enterprise Architecture, Zimmer Biomet Holdings

Abstract: Facing a merger or acquisition? Learn from the experience of Zimmer Biomet Holdings. The Zimmer/Biomet merger and other acquisitions introduced a lot of redundancy into the IT landscape. Beginning with application rationalization with Software AG's Alfabet, Zimmer Biomet realized it could do more with the product’s broad IT portfolio management capabilities. Its goals now are to:

  • Define the application strategy and roadmap
  • Establish application and technology lifecycle management
  • Combine business architecture and technology planning

Learn from this experience to optimize your own IT portfolio.

Industry: Healthcare

Product: Alfabet

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