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                 Customer use cases

                Meet our customers, the disruptors

Our customer use cases reveal an impressive international portfolio. Check out who’s disrupting their industries and reinventing their offerings with digital innovation.

Session Title: Driving Sustainable Digital Innovation at Asian Development Bank

Speaker: Ozzeir Khan, Director, Digital Innovation, Sandbox Program

Primary Product: webMethods 

Country: Philippines

Session Title: Digital Transformation in Financial Industry: Accelerating Indonesia’s MicroFinance with Digital Initiatives

Speaker: Indra Utoyo, Managing Director of Digital Banking and IT

Primary Product: webMethods 

Country: Indonesia

Session Title: BT Process Practice

Speaker: Jean-Antoine Cannard, Principal Process Architect 

Primary Product: ARIS 

Country: UK

Session Title: Connected products creating customer value through new service offerings

Speaker: Sebastian Mayer, Chief Digital Officer 

Primary Product: ADAMOS 

Country: Germany

Session Title: Using Alfabet in Becoming One NTT

Speaker: Johan Schoeman, Senior Principal Enterprise Architect, NTT Ltd.

Primary Product: Alfabet

Country: South Africa

Session Title: Creating value with IoT for connected products 

Speaker: Mike Proos, Director of Engineering 

Primary Product: Cumulocity IoT 

Country: US

Session Title: Creating a path for small & midsize manufacturers to adopt IIoT for production optimization

Speaker: Larry West, Manager, Sales & Automation

Primary Product: Cumulocity IoT 

Country: US

Session Title: Serving Britain’s Shoppers with Better Processes

Speaker: Oliver Guy (Software AG, Senior Director, Industry Solutions) & Jason Dietz (Tesco, Head of Global Process Architecture)

Primary Product: ARIS 

Country: UK

Session Title: Utonomy's digital solutions to decarbonize the gas grid

Speaker: Claire-Elise Orleach, Head of Business Development

Primary Product: Cumulocity IoT

Country: UK

Session Title: Generational Change

Speaker: Amarish Pathak, Chief Information Officer, AAFMAA

Primary Product: Adabas & Natural

Country: US

Session Title: IoT on the Edge

Speaker: Rob Osterwise, Director Internet of Things

Primary Product: Cumulocity

Country: US

Session Title: Bayport TrendMiner Digitalization

Speaker: Sukhpal Singh, Production Engineer Kuraray; Usman Iftikhar, Data Analytics Engineer, TrendMiner

Primary Product: TrendMiner

Country: Japan / US

Session Title: Transforming intelligently for tomorrow's success

Speaker: Janet Tan Soek Mui, Head of 5G Solutions BD

Primary Product: Cumulocity

Country: Singapore

Session Title: Military Bank Transformation Journey - Optimizing business processes to revolutionize banking experience

Speaker: Mr. Nguyen Viet Chau, Head of Innovation Lab

Primary Product: webMethods

Country: Vietnam

Session Title: The digital journey - ​ Ministry of Transport and Road Safety, Israel

Speaker: Mr. Tzur Aharon, CIO & Head of Department Digital Technologies

Primary Product: Adabas & Natural

Country: Israel

Session Title: Beyond Connectivity: Turkcell IoT business acceleration

Speaker: Sertac Samioglu, Manager Internet of Things, Turkcell // Jos Grond, VP Telco & Partner IoT Success Program, Software AG

Primary Product: Cumulocity

Country: Turkey

Session Title: Better Supply Chains & Happier Suppliers with IIoT

Speaker: Adel Salman, General Manager Supply Chain

Primary Product: Cumulocity

Country: Australia

Session Title: Smart Social Distancing

Speaker: Phil Hooker, Vice President Strategic Programmes, Software AG // Theij
Roi, Global Head - IoT for Telcos, TechMahindra // Christine Goebecke, Head of
bakery Goebecke

Primary Product: Cumulocity

Country: Global

                And many more to come!

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