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The possibilities of a truly connected world are limitless. When IoT, Integration and human ingenuity combine, the very nature of business can change. Register now and get ready to explore a showcase where our experts bring remarkable industry-specific scenarios to life.

                    Smart reactor

The manufacturing industry is already well on its way to benefiting from living connections. Join this showcase to see how self-service industrial intelligence improves overall equipment efficiency and outcome quality. Liquid raw materials can be closely monitored and measured to react with each other in a precise mixture.

                    Smart energy

If we want faster adoption of renewable energy, we need to be smarter about how it is produced and consumed.  In this showcase, we show how renewable energy can be produced 24/7, how it reduces the overall energy and CO2 footprint with IoT and how to monitoring photo-voltaic systems and wind turbines in real time.

                    Smart aircraft trolleys

The airplane industry is digitalizing at mach speed. The next wave of innovation will come from truly connected systems that impact every facet of modern airlines - including the sundries served from the snack trolleys. In this showcase, we explore how airlines can monitor conditions to improve trolley utilization and availability with real-time telemetric data and equipment status fed directly from on-board sensors.

                    Smart barista

Brewing the perfect espresso is equal parts art and science. Fortunately, the science can be tracked and monitored in real time. In this showcase, we follow a smart coffee machine that is equipped with sensors to monitoring applied pressure in real time through a Cumulocity IoT dashboard.

                    Smart field analytics

The IIoT can sometimes struggle to live up to its true potential. We explore a few of the ways to fill the remaining gaps to make sure the IIoT doesn't disappoint. For example, a system to prevent IIoT failure that recognized, prevents and fixes potential issues. Or how the most advanced pneumatic technologies like automotive, electrical, medical, packaging, food industries or machine tool construction can be automated.

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