conXion 2020 

                On-demand e-learning classroom

                Experiment in our e-learning lab

While attending conXion, you’ll find many ways to learn about new product enhancements directly from our product experts. But nothing beats a hands-on opportunity to experiment with new features and functionality for yourself. Register now to get access during the event to Software AG’s e-learning room where you can test drive our product lineup. 

                    Get 40+ hours of free hands-on digital training

All conXion attendees will gain access to the Digital Basic Training library which includes hands-on, self-paced training, complete with access to a lab environment.  Courses include: API Basic (6 hours), webMethods Integration Basic ( 6 hours), Basic (4.5 hours), Basic (6 hours), MicroServices Basic (6 hours), Cumulocity IoT Basic (6 hours), Trendminer Basic (3 hours), ARIS Features and Functionalities Basic (1 hour), ARIS Process Mining Basic (4 hours), Alfabet Basic (4 hours), NaturalOne Basic (1 hour), Natural Programming Basic (1 hour).

                    Introduction to Software AG’s new learning journey 

At conXion, Software AG will unveil our NEW approach to training.  The new digital approach that provides a simple path to success, supporting users throughout their learning journey.  This new model includes FREE and Fee based options, complete with a new Certification plan. If you're a lifelong learner, you won't want to miss this unique look at our new approach.

                    Product Delta training voucher

For those new to our products, the e-learning courses are the starting line. However, experienced users who visit the e-learning room will receive a voucher code that can be used to purchase a future, self-paced Delta training course at NO CHARGE. 

                    120 days of e-learning access

The agenda is busy at conXion, and we want you to have options. This year, we are offering access to our e-learning courses not only during the event but for the next 120 days so you can complete the courses at your own pace. Simply register for the course (or courses) during conXion, and stop, start and resume the courses at a
later time to avoid missing any of the important conference sessions.

                    Come experience a world of living connections

Join us at conXion 2020