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                 Customer Best Practices

Customer Best Practices

Software doesn’t change the world. The people interacting with it do—and that’s you! Hear how your peers are not only building resilience but accelerating their transformations—spanning all industries and product lines.


                Are you ready for the cloud?

Speaker: Amarish Pathak—CIO, AAFMAA
Abstract: Succeeding today requires businesses to be agile and innovative. That's why organizations are seeking to modernize their A&N applications in the cloud. As businesses implement modernization plans, there are overarching requirements that must be addressed to reach the desired outcomes: access control, encryption, data protection, and compliance challenges. Learn about these topics and make sure you are ready for the cloud.
Product: Adabas & Natural

                Enterprise architecture design & analysis

Speaker: Harry Ratia—Business Process Architect, Enterprise Strategy & Innovation, AB SKF
Abstract: Business process management and enterprise architecture are enablers for improving business performance across SKF end to end. ARIS supports key initiatives within SKF including business transformation, process improvement, process automation, process mining, and enterprise architecture. This session will focus on how SKF uses ARIS for enterprise architecture design & analysis, brought to life with examples and use cases.
Product: ARIS
Alte Oldenburger AG

                A Hitchhikers Guide to Maps

Speaker: Markus Wessjohann, Software Engineer, Alte Oldenburger AG
Abstract: A short journey to modernize Natural screens.
Product: Adabas & Natural

                Leveraging Alfabet Fastlane to gain senior leadership buy-in for rationalization

Speaker: Klaudia Fisheku, Business Analyst, Arthrex
Abstract: Our Alfabet journey began as an inventory of applications. In a relatively short timeframe, with strong partnership from Software AG and internal IT technical owners, we produced many value-added outputs.
1) Leveraging the information flow model, we developed a concise diagram portraying dependencies among our top six enterprise platforms with other systems. In a highly visual way, we illustrated the need to rationalize the applications in our environment. 
2) Building on Alfabet’s model for business capabilities and processes, we collaborated with our stakeholders to build a comprehensive mapping of applications to business functions, including identification of overlaps.
Product: Alfabet

                AnalyzeBox - Online webMethods IS code audit

Speaker: Marc Gayout, Technical Leader, Atos
 Marc Gayout, Atos technical leader, will present you AnalyzeBox, the online webMethods code auditing tool, part of the Atos webMethods Integration Suite called Atos Boxes.
Product: webMethods
BITMARCK Software GmbH

                Modellkasse|ng - process management for Germany's public health insurance

Speaker: Marc Teigelkämper, Software Developer, BITMARCK Software GmbH
Abstract: Our presentation is about the process management solution "Modellkasse|ng" for Germany's public health insurance, a one-stop portal for all process management needs accessible to both process experts, newcomers and curious employees. To meet the challenge of providing our customers with an individual process management tool that also offers detailed technical information about our core software, we at BITMARCK chose ARIS. The Modellkasse|ng solution allows our customers to kickstart their own process management based on a range of ready-to-use process models. Process controlling is also made possible by integrating all relevant technical components and information of our core software, instantly making them usable in any process model. Last but not least, our Modellkasse|ng solution offers bespoke reports to allow for evalutation and analysis of processes.
Product: ARIS

                API Management Implementation at COPASA

Speaker: Fernando Cesar Ramos, CIO, COPASA MG
Abstract:  In this session you will have the opportunity to learn how Copasa in Brazil implemented their API strategy to break old barriers and boost the integration capabilities of their mission critical Integrated Commercial System (SICOM) based on Adabas & Natural on IBM Z platform using Software AG´s API Management solution. The session will cover the experiences, use cases and next steps.
Products: Adabas & Natural, webMethods

                Cloud of Things—start small, scale smart

Speaker: Henning Neuse—President International User Group Cumulocity IoT, Deutsche Telekom AG
Abstract: Henning Neuse from Deutsche Telekom will talk about how Cumulocity IoT has been redefined by Deutsche Telekom Cloud of Things. Henning will show how to enable the first steps—and how to scale smart, cross-sell and discover entirely new use cases.
Product: Cumulocity IoT
Emirates NBD

                A journey in process transformation

Speaker: Barid Guha Neogi—Senior Vice President, Head of Group Operations and Governance, Emirates NBD
Abstract: A process that previously took anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks to complete a full cycle—from understanding the business impact, to establishing standard operating procedures, to user deployment—now takes fewer than 48 hours. And that’s just the start.
Product: ARIS

                Using ARIS to fuel processes and compliance

Speaker: Taivo Kangilaski—IT Architect, Enefit
Abstract: Enefit operates in the electricity and gas markets in the Baltic States, Finland and Poland, as well as on the international market for liquid fuels. The company offers energy solutions—from electricity, heat and fuels production to innovative sales, client services and additional energy-related services. It uses ARIS to support business unit compliance to ISOs (9001, 14001, 45001, 55000), for process management and for corporate IT architecture management. This presentation will show how Enefit uses ARIS across various business units. 
Product: ARIS

                The way to digital operator of choice

Speaker: Islam Atef, Senior Integration Manager, Etisalat
Abstract: The current pandemic situation and our ambition to become the digital operator of choice, we as Etisalat Egypt are working to enhance and simplify out customer life by digitalizing our products and services, so that is why we are partnering and working with Software AG leader of the leaders to achieve our targets.
Product: webMethods

                The journey to hybrid integration

Speaker: Sascha Reinhard—Head of Business Integration & Automation, Fujitsu
Abstract: Is the cloud ready for integration demands? See how Fujitsu completed its hybrid IT integration journey.
Product: webMethods
ING Bank N.V.

                How role-based visualization can increase UX @ ING 

Speaker: Sylvia Groenbos—ARIS functional application expert, ING Bank N.V.
Abstract: At ING there are many people who know nothing about process modeling. Actually they don't even care what a process model looks like. All they want is to get (correct) information out of ARIS related to their role. For these people, we will introduce role-based visualization (RBV). We offer them an ARIS Connect home page that shows only what they want to see and can use solely based on the role they perform within ING. How cool is that?
Product: ARIS
John Lewis Partnership

                 Incorporating vendor and contract management into business continuity planning

Speaker: John Roberts—enterprise architect,  John Lewis Partnership
Abstract: Planning for business continuity needs to take in many diverse aspects. From an IT support perspective, it is essential to understand the contractual conditions underlying IT assets. In tying contract and vendor information to architecture objects, IT planners can make informed decisions on architectural change as per contractual relations with IT suppliers and service providers and can align SLAs with the IT support required for business operations. IT planners can better mitigate risk when they know which contracts are relevant for which parts of the business, when contracts need to be extended or renewed, and when and how to change contracts to mitigate vendor-related risks. Find out in this session how the EA group at John Lewis Partnership uses centralized contract and vendor management to ensure business continuity.
Product: Alfabet
Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands

                Protecting what we value with process mining

Speakers: Hendrik Ohler and Janno Jekel—BPM Consultants, Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands
Abstract: Explore the Ministry of Defence of Netherlands' first steps in the world of process mining using ARIS PPM. This session will detail the projects completed so far—including the key results and lessons learned while executing these projects.
Product: ARIS
NTT Communications

                Enabling IoT with agility using a full-stack and lifecycle approach

Speaker: Tomoaki Masuda—Senior Manager, NTT Communications
Abstract: To accelerate digital transformations in manufacturing, logistics, building constructions, and more, NTT Com helps customers to bring in new IoT data—data from various “things”—combining their capabilities as a carrier and as an ICT provider. This session will cover why it is beneficial to take hybrid solutions and platform approach, and how it offers full-stack and lifecycle services with partner ecosystems. Learn from the real-life examples, challenges and use cases that NTT Com experienced, overcame and deployed.
Product: Cumulocity IoT

                Run mission critical Adabas & Natural applications on Linux

Speaker: Salim David, Services and Infrastructure Manager, PRODAM
Abstract: Running mission-critical Adabas & Natural applications on a Linux infrastructure requires special attention on the IT infrastructure and operations. Learn how Prodam achieved this challenge.
Product: Adabas & Natural

                THINK PrOceSSIBLE

Speaker: Kevin Ledegen—head of process management, Proximus
Abstract: To maintain its leading position in Belgium, the CEO of Proximus wants to continuously improve customer satisfaction. As customers are looking for quality services—regardless of where they come from (Mobile, Fixed, Internet, Television, Data, ...)—it is essential that all divisions work together and less in silos. Defining customer journeys, linking them to processes and sub-processes down to task level, becomes essential to ensure that services are delivered in line with customer expectations.
Product: ARIS
Siemens Mobility GmbH

                Connected devices and dashboards for KUKA AGV 

Speakers: Waldemar Frank, PLM and MindSphere Expert, Siemens AG, Tobias Adler, Project Manager, Siemens Mobility GmbH & Nazrul Islam, Senior Software Engineer, Siemens AG
Abstract: Siemens needed to connect KUKA omniMove robots in the Krefeld car body factory with the Siemens IoT Platform MindSphere to use real-time machine and perform data analytics. The project established device connectivity and helped design and implement machine dashboards for monitoring and visualizing the operation data. In this session, the Siemens team will showcase the use case all the way from the technical architecture to a live demo of the dashboard application.
Product: Cumulocity IoT
Standard Chartered Bank

                Setting the benchmark for the future digital banking—2021 & beyond

Speaker: Allan Song—Head of Strategy & Transformation, Standard Chartered Bank
Abstract: In this session, learn how Standard Chartered Bank benefits from a more integrated approach to performance, capacity, process, and risk management—one that smashes silos and addresses the evolutive and competitive state of the financial services market.
Product: ARIS
Storengy Deutschland GmbH

                How to create an outcome-orientated approach for EA in a small company

Speaker: Vera Lüdtke—IT Enterprise Architect, Storengy Deutschland GmbH
Abstract: To begin, Storengy focused on transparency in addition to the business IT relationship: getting the information from the business, analyzing it, and communicating it to the business with a visible business outcome. Fortunately, the transparency turned out to be a good baseline for the IT transition during the start of COVID-19. Once complete, it was easy to fulfill the existing requirements for new use cases and to bring the future of IT on a solid roadmap.
Product: Alfabet
University of Texas at Austin

                How zIIP exceeded expectations

Speaker: Curtis Pew, Principal Software Engineer, University of Texas at Austin
Abstract: The University of Texas upgraded from a z10BC to a z14 ZR1 and converted A&N so that it was zIIP enabled. In this session, Curtis Pew, principal software engineer, will discuss how the zIIP enablement exceeded the university's expectations.
Product: Adabas & Natural

                How to build successful IoT solutions - best practice with digital pest monitoring by traptice

Speaker: Stefanie Domzig, Business Development Manager, WAINS GmbH
Abstract: WAINS is specialized in digital pest monitoring. With our own product traptice, we revolutionize the market and help pest controllers in their daily work. In our presentation, we will show you how to get from the idea to the finished IoT product.
Product: Cumulocity IoT


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