International User Groups Conference

                General Session

General Session 

Watch the mainstage events that defined IUG this year, including keynote presentations and panel discussions with key stakeholders.

                The Era of User Power

Join Karl Rumelhart, Chief Product Officer at Gainsight customer success & product experience guru! Discover the new era of user power: The formula for great software has changed. Facing increased competition and lower switching costs, smart vendors have become increasingly responsive to their customers, leaving users with more power than ever -- and more responsibility. Users are no longer passive consumers of their vendor's roadmap; they are partners in a collaboration to define the future.

                Product Innovations: Now and the Future

Join Dr. Stefan Sigg, Chief Product Officer at Software AG as he reveals the now and the future of our product portfolio. Responsible for Products, Global Support, Cloud Operations and Research & Development, you can expect to get sneak insights that span the entire product portfolio.

                Panel discussion: Adopting Innovation

Dr. Stefan Sigg (Chief Product Officer, Software AG), Michael Schuhmacher (Chief Quality Officer, Software AG), Ricardo Leitao (General Manager Professional Services, Software AG) and Georg Simon (Chief Operating Officer Products, Software AG) discuss what’s really involved in the process of adopting innovation.

Moderated by Pep Rosenfeld, you will hear their shared wisdoms covering products, services, security and more.

                Engineering the Truly Connected Enterprise

The world is becoming ever more connected – across people, technology and things; regardless of industry or region. To thrive in a world with interwoven businesses, processes and assets, companies need to transform into truly connected enterprises – exploiting the full potential of software. But how do you this? That is Software AG’s mission. Empowering you to transform your business into a truly connected enterprise. In this session Software AG CTO Bernd Gross will explore the truly connected enterprise in more detail, explain the value of the Software AG Marketecture and dive deeper by examining customer use cases.


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