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                Partner Sessions

Partner Sessions

Attend presentations from our Partner ecosystem demonstrating how Software AG technology capabilities are adding value to real-world projects.


                EA as a service

Speaker: Sudhanshu Bhatnagar, EA & Automation Lead, Accenture

Abstract: Transforming the application service model by introducing EA as a service. This includes:

  • Defining the enterprise architecture vision definition and establishment of EA function
  • An enterprise architecture assessment, EA strategy, roadmap, and target state blueprinting
  • Management of cross-industry architecture for M&A and spinoff scenario
  • Running the EA office using the APM tool with automation and alignment business North Star with EA KPIs

Product: Alfabet


                Process mining with ARIS

Speaker: Erkan Yaprak, Director, Digital & Analytics, Consulta

Abstract: Erkan will discuss the process mining capabilities of ARIS in financial services and manufacturing industries and present the benefits of monitoring the live processes using ARIS PPM and how you can leverage the capabilities of PPM for the strategic decision-making process.

Product: ARIS


                Case studies for the electric power sector

Speaker: Francisco de Lima, Project Manager, DeBarr

Abstract: The presentation will consist of a series of case studies, showcasing TrendMiner's functionalities regarding the electric power industry with real data from some of our customers.

Product: TrendMiner


                Lockdown and secure Adabas workloads with IBM Z pervasive encryption

Speaker: Michael Jordan, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Z Security, IBM

Abstract: Join IBM Z Distinguished Engineer Michael Jordan who will present IBM Z Security & Pervasive Encryption. Learn firsthand how to protect your investment, secure your data, and deliver exceptional performance for your Software AG innovations on the IBM Z platform.

Product: Adabas & Natural


                Collaboratively solving industry challenges with open source

Speakers: Stefan Vaillant, Chief Architect, Software AG and Joachim Theusner, CTO of ifm solutions gmbh

Abstract: Industrial equipment manufacturers are all facing the same challenges when creating connected products: secure, yet easy to manage. Remaining robust for 10 years plus, balancing features vs cost, is the first open-source and cloud-agnostic edge framework designed for resource-constrained IoT edge devices. It offers simple, secure and reliable cloud connectivity to a range of cloud platforms. In this session, the instigators of the open source project will discuss the technical challenges that led them to the collaboration, how they plan to use it in their products, and why it's important for all connected product manufacturers.

Product: Cumulocity IoT

Laird Connectivity

                IoT success- hardware partners' role in the overall ecosystem

Speaker: Matt Lubeley, Director of Business Development, Laird Connectivity

Abstract: This session will explore the key aspects of successful IoT projects. Hardware partners play a key role in ensuring success in IoT projects, and we will discuss success stories based on partnering with Cumulocity.

Product: Cumulocity IoT


                Making the transformation to Microsoft Azure 

Speaker: Bob Ellsworth, Director, Mainframe Transformation, Microsoft

Abstract: Microsoft Azure is becoming the preferred cloud for enterprise transformation. Discover what options are available to move Adabas & Natural applications running on legacy mainframe and UNIX to the cloud. Explore the benefits that Azure offers for taking your on-prem applications to the cloud while retaining the investments you’ve made in mission-critical workloads.

Product: Adabas & Natural


                Increased efficiency: how IoT & AR optimize production & maintenance

Speaker: Wolfgang Stelzle, CEO & Founder, RE’FLEKT Inc

Abstract: Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) is an expensive and time-consuming business. Studies show that immersive AR solutions can improve first-time fix rates by 40 percent and reduce downtime by 30 percent. Information about the condition of machines is now easily available via sensors, and the IoT can be evaluated using streaming analytics without programming knowledge. Imagine if you could combine the best of these worlds. Prevent downtime and reduce maintenance cycles. Become more efficient and reduce errors. Support your service technicians with interactive AR guides that are enriched with real-time IoT information. Optimize the processes in maintenance, repair and servicing to increase the productivity of your production.

Product: Cumulocity IoT


                I’ve granted Whizzapi the access to my bank account and I’m lovin’ it!

Speaker: Damian Wilke, Key Account Manager, Savangard

Abstract: Have you wondered how open banking can positively influence the development of your product and the growth of your business? By linking your system with your client’s bank account, you can obtain information about your customer’s banking behaviors to offer them more tailored products and services. During the presentation, Savangard’s team will take you on the journey through the future of financial services. So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for open banking!

Product: webMethods


                Data-driven business process innovation & Best practice on process automation implementation

Speaker: Aleksi Issakainen, SVP Design & Strategy, Solita and Jeroen Wanten, Director Connectivity, Solita

Abstract: During this presentation Aleksi will demonstrate some key learnings from top-management discussions around business process mining. He will also present a point-of-view on why we should start creating value by combining innovation and optimization through data-validated business process analysis. In the second part of the presentation Jeroen will share some best-practices and guidelines on how to automate business processes in practice.

Product: ARIS, webMethods


                Enterprise API Fabric for a large telecom manufacturer

Speaker: Deepali Saini, Integration & API mgmt Platform Lead & Enterprise Architect, TCS

Abstract: In today’s hyper-competitive, always-connected world, businesses have to continuously reinvent their business models and build innovative products and offerings to create value and improve the experience for their customers. Successful businesses have been able to sail this wave of digital disruption by either building an ecosystem (by collaborating with partners and other stakeholders) or by participating in one. API Fabric provides a framework with needed tools and accelerators to enable these ecosystems by interconnecting different businesses and smart devices, and harnessing the creativity and intelligence of different communities.

Product: webMethods

Visual Enterprise Architecture

                Enterprise process excellence: accelerate adoption to realize business benefits

Speaker: Zach Bennett, CEO and Chief Architect, VEA

Abstract: Business continuity is no longer just a plan for every organization. Process intelligence can drive a sustainable competitive advantage and improved decision making to deliver successful business transformation. The four pillars of business process excellence enable you to effectively manage the people, processes, and technology that define the way your company responds quickly to today’s business process challenges: process modeling, process governance, process mining and process automation. Across all industries and regions, the need for globalization and digital transformation is enormous and radically changing the way companies compete. We discuss how companies can transform to stay competitive and how enterprise process excellence can be the strategic asset for your business to drive results.

Product: ARIS


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