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                Product Design Track

Product Design Track

Good product design is all about empathizing. It starts with understanding the users’ goals and needs. So come in to share your thoughts and to learn about design systems or ways of innovating. Engage with our designers in a casual chat, an expert talk, or a planned usability study.

                    The power of introverts in remote collaboration

Speaker: Sandy Lam—Senior Product Designer, Software AG
Abstract: Are you spending a lot of time talking, yet the collaboration is not leading to an outcome? With most of the traditional team activities designed to engage the extroverts, these activities can sometimes create disconnected teams. Introverts—making up more than 30% of us—prefer listening to talking. They take longer to contribute to conversations, but often, when they eventually talk, their contribution is impactful. There is power in quiet thinking. How can you embrace that power to make your remote collaboration even better than face to face? In this session, you will hear stories about designing an inclusive space for contributions, so you can thrive in remote collaborations.

                    Designing for a truly connected world

Speaker: Mohit Sharma—Director & Global Head of UX, Software AG
Abstract: In today's digital world, design is becoming more and more important as we all move from generalized transactions to more connected and more personal experiences. The design team at Software AG is aware of these paradigm shifts and is continuously designing for experiences driven by the context, conditions, and behaviors in your organization. So how can we do this together? Come and join us to hear about the transformational work we are doing and its impact.


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