Building a flexible IoT solution with Cumulocity IoT

When A1 Digital was building its IoT solution, flexibility was key. The IoT solution vendor and service provider helps its customers monitor and manage machines, facilities and fleets from a single, scalable platform. This means customers can use data from those connected “things” to manage them efficiently – optimizing uptime, predicting maintenance needs and keeping costs down. This also allows it to create new business models to compete in quickly evolving markets.

But to ensure that all devices – from various manufacturers as well as those built in-house – and connectivity methods would work together effortlessly, A1 Digital needed to find an open, flexible IoT platform to use as a foundation for their service. It chose Cumulocity IoT, which helps “develop lots of different use cases for all the different needs from [its] customers.”

Hear from Christoph Marschall, Solution Manager for A1 Digital, as he discusses how Cumulocity IoT has played an important part in his team’s IoT strategy.

What problem has Cumulocity solved and what value has it brought?

Cumulocity IoT plays quite an important part for our IoT strategy and our approach to IoT projects. For us as an IoT service provider and solution vendor, it is very important to be flexible on the key components we have within an IoT project so that we have the hardware element, the connectivity element and then the platform software element in its own domain so we can adapt according to the needs of the customer – which could be vastly different depending on the different industries and different use cases.

We have lots of hardware vendors we can choose from. We can also develop our own hardware if needed. But we are not locked into a specific area or a specific platform. In terms of connectivity, the situation is the same. We can choose from lots of different methods of connectivity depending on what is the most fitting one.

And since we are part of the A1 group, which is one of the largest telecommunications providers in Central Europe, we are also able to provide a compelling offer for cellular connectivity. So at one point all of these elements need to come together, with the connectivity needs to connect to something. And this is where our IoT platform resides. And this is based on Cumulocity IoT as a foundation.

What use cases does the Cumulocity IoT platform support?

We as a service and solution provider actually develop lots of different use cases for all the different needs from our customers. So we are utilizing Cumulocity IoT as a generic foundation for IoT to develop different solutions and different verticals on top of it.

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