Developing process management with ARIS

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Established in 1990, Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. (BRC) develops and markets tourism, residential, office, entertainment and restaurant real estate; it also develops and sells medical equipment and medicine products. It does business in China with more than 20,000 employees and over 390 holding and participating enterprises.


  • Over 8,000 documents about systems, processes, specifications and guidelines not updated in a timely manner
  • Implementation of systems could not be monitored or promoted, impacting workers’ efficiency
  • Training new employees was taking too much time 


  • Overall process efficiency has increased by 50% on average
  • The average processing efficiency of single person has increased by 32%
  • Processes and documents are more easily discovered
  • Employees can quickly understand their own roles and responsibilities within the process
  • Business scenarios can be visualized with analytic reports 


  • ARIS Design & Strategy
  • ARIS Rollout & Change Management 

                    “The efficiency of an enterprise depends on 50% excellent business design, 30% excellent organizational structure and 20% process platform support." 

– Shen Hui | Vice President of Sichuan BRC 

                Creating new worlds with 8 million words

Visiting a theme park isn’t just another family vacation. It is a ticket to travel to a different world – one full of imagination and creativity. But it’s not magic that makes these worlds come to life. It is details.

The curator of these details is a highly coordinated team of employees that follow processes with exactness. Their playbook? A comprehensive and meticulously documented set of rules and guidelines.

In the case of Sichuan Languang Development Co., Ltd. (BRC), that documentation had grown to more than 8 million words across 8,000 separate documents for its 390+ properties. Talk about data overload!

Finding the right documents became a monumental task for BRC’s employees—as was keeping them up to date in a timely manner. This started to put processes at risk for HR, finance and supply chain systems alike.

Take for example new employee training. For a new development, special training is necessary for staff, and it may involve dozens or even hundreds of people. BRC would need to dispatch scattered training materials and organize and coordinate the participation of business personnel from multiple departments, which was difficult to control. Often this process alone was confusing and overwhelming for new employees and required additional trainings or a slow start in their new positions.

Getting a grip on processes

The company decided it needed to find a process management solution to support its business design, starting with the 8,000-plus documents.

“The efficiency of an enterprise depends on 50% excellent business design, 30% excellent organizational structure and 20% process platform support,” said Mr. Shen Hui, VP of Sichuan BRC.

After an extensive search, in 2019 BRC purchased ARIS to help it get organized.

With the help of ARIS’s process management platform, BRC:

  •  Sorted out processes and documents scattered across the organization
  • Created a one-stop operation, with identifiers such as “who I am,” “what I do” and “how I do it”
  • Determined the business scenarios, so that employees could quickly locate the position and job content that they needed within the process
  • Clarified the complex corresponding relationships among personnel, position, role and process
  • Realized a panoramic presentation of the value chain to provide analysis reports for process optimization by visualizing business scenarios to enhance process operation value
  • Established a long-term operation mechanism of process governance, such as organizational guarantee, element change, process error correction, process reward and process inspection, to support the flexible adjustment of business, organization, power and responsibility and system

ARIS and process mining

ARIS was the driver for organizational change and regional empowerment of BRC development. Efficiencies meant that the number of headquarters staff dropped from more than 700 to just over 300, as employees moved to areas where they could be more productive. All functional and business departments can now maintain the visualization, standardization and control of their own processes. 

“Sichuan BRC started the journey of building a new-era management system with business process as the link, promoting the sustainable development of enterprises with the help of the latest digital technology,” Hui said.

What’s next

The second stage of BRC’s project in 2021 will include a proof of concept for ARIS Process Mining, where BRC will choose one subsidiary to complete end-to-end process mining. BRC expects that—from 2020 to 2022—process and business objectives will be closely linked, improving overall efficiency. 

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