Adabas & Natural 
in the cloud

                Move your trusted applications to modern platforms


                Cloud computing with Adabas & Natural

Move your trusted Adabas & Natural applications to the cloud to innovate
and scale on next-generation architectures. Run your applications in the cloud without downtime, thanks to the platform-neutrality of Adabas & Natural. 

                Run on Linux 

Take your first step to the cloud. Move your trusted application to Linux.

                Select your cloud

Avoid vendor lock-in. With Adabas & Natural, you can run in the cloud of your choice. 

                Go cloud native

Develop faster using DevOps. Package services in containers and deploy as microservices and APIs. 

                Accelerate cloud adoption with 
Adabas & Natural 

Modernize your IT infrastructure so developers can develop and deploy applications with greater agility, speed and ease. Rest assured—we’ll be with you all the way with go-live support.

                    Deploy anywhere with containers

Communicate easily with other applications, mobile apps or IoT devices, and seamlessly share data with data analytics or artificial intelligence platforms—on-premises or in the cloud. Deploy your Adabas & Natural applications to the cloud with container platforms, such as Docker® and Kubernetes®. Containers are the key to making your applications available via the internet in on-premises, public, private and hybrid environments.

                    Easily move off legacy UNIX

Free your Adabas & Natural applications from expensive, proprietary UNIX platforms by rehosting them to Linux risk free.

                    Accelerate adoption of an agile architecture

Move your trusted applications to a cost-efficient, modern IT infrastructure where you can use next-generation application architectures to innovate and scale your business. See what you can do on Microsoft® Azure®—just one of the clouds you can use with Adabas & Natural.

                Free trial: Adabas & Natural on Docker

Run in the cloud with containers. See what you can do with Adabas & Natural on Docker.

                See, decide & act with Software AG

See what you can do with Adabas & Natural to 2050 and beyond