Use OKRs To Optimize Business Value Of Technology Investments

                    Identify the right IT projects based on your corporate-wide business objectives

Objectives and key results (OKRs) are not new in the arsenal of corporate performance metrics, but they seem to have taken a back seat to KPIs in many companies. Yet OKRs can help companies focus on goals and measurements across a broad swath of corporate functions. In particular they allow IT to evaluate current projects and decide on what new projects to invest in based on what’s meaningful to the business. For example: would rationalizing a certain application portfolio contribute to a key result that says “reduce operating costs by 30%”, or would investing in a new CRM system contribute to a key result that says “increase revenues by 25%”?


Whatever the case, this report will show tech executives how to launch an effective program to identify worthwhile objectives, define applicable key results and then measure achievement for purposeful, business-aligned IT resource investment.


Read the report, with our compliments.

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