Everest Group: The Role of Process Mining
in Accelerating Digital Transformation

The lack of as-is process visibility and documentation can stop a promising digital transformation project in its tracks. But according to a new report from Everest Group, there is hope – by using process mining.


Why? By layering in process mining, teams managing digital transformation projects can:


  • Identify new customer pain points to address
  • Reduce time-to-value for greater scalability
  • Get more fact-based data
  • Reduce process discovery time by as much as three months
  • And reduce process discovery costs by as much as 25%!

That’s only a shred of what this report will reveal. All it takes is filling out the form to access what the Everest Group report has discovered about the value of process mining. Don’t get derailed on your digital transformation journey! Get process excellence back on track!