The StreamSets and webMethods platforms have now been acquired by IBM 

StreamSets Control Hub

Build, run, monitor, and manage smart data pipelines at scale

Managing data for digital transformation

With digital transformation comes complexity: diverse sources and destinations, multiple platforms, and evolving business demands. StreamSets Control Hub, the central nervous system of the StreamSets Platform, gives you a real-time, end-to-end console to operate all your data pipelines across your enterprise.

  • Build and run streaming, CDC, batch, ETL and ML data pipelines
  • Collaborate with shared templates and components, and built-in version control
  • Gain global operational visibility and control everywhere pipelines run
Awards and recognition
Operationalize your data pipeline lifecycle

                    Mission control for hybrid and multi-cloud

Scale to thousands of data pipelines with visibility and control. Control Hub centralizes building, running, monitoring and management, so any size team can collaborate across all lifecycle stages, all design patterns, and all engines. Reuse pipeline assets to scale new data connections and pipeline patterns across your business without special skills.

                    Smart data pipelines built for change

The most vulnerable points in a modern data architecture are the thousands of integrations that make modern analytics possible. Only StreamSets Control Hub is designed to provide transparency into that complexity through live data maps, powered by fully instrumented pipelines. See how your data is flowing in real time and automatically detect and handle data drift.

                    Single design experience for all patterns

Deliver on the promise of DataOps in the cloud with a fully managed data integration platform for all your data pipeline needs. A single design canvas for building and running all pipeline patterns reduces the time to design and deploy smart data pipelines by 90%.
Data engineers gain efficiencies with StreamSets
★★★★★ | 8.01.23

"The best feature of StreamSets is its intuitive visual interface, allowing us to effortlessly design, monitor, and manage data pipelines without the need for complex coding. This has significantly reduced our development time and made the process highly accessible to both technical and non-technical team members."

– Mili M., Senior System Analyst, Mid-Market, (51-1000 emp.)

★★★★★ | 8.03.23
"StreamSets has lot of out of box features to use for data pipelines and connect AWS Kinesis, DB or Kafka and send to HDFS & Hive."

– Sanath V., Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)
Frequently asked questions
  • What is Control Hub in StreamSets?
    StreamSets Control Hub is a single hub for building, running, monitoring, and managing all your data pipelines and data processing jobs. As the center of the StreamSets Platform, Control Hub lets your entire extended team collaborate on data pipelines running on Data Collector and Transformer, and gives you a real-time, end-to-end view of all data pipelines across your enterprise. It also manages, monitors and scales the StreamSets engines such as Data Collector and Transformer to optimize your overall data integration environment. Finally, Control Hub also provides full transparency and control of all data pipelines and execution engines across your entire hybrid/multi-cloud architecture in one single hub.
  • Is StreamSets Control Hub free?
    StreamSets Control Hub is part of your paid subscription to StreamSets data integration platform. While it is not free, it is included in the overall platform.
  • How do you monitor data pipelines?
    Pipelines are monitored across two dashboards: Alerts and Topologies. The Alerts dashboard provides a summary of triggered alerts, jobs with errors, offline execution engines, and unhealthy engines that have exceeded their resource thresholds. This dashboard view is used to monitor and troubleshoot jobs. The Topologies Dashboard provides a summary of the number of pipelines, jobs, topologies, and execution engines that you have access to. The Topologies Dashboard was previously named the Default Dashboard.
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