Download and install StreamSets Transformer

How to download and install Transformer to build Apache Spark and ETL data pipelines.

Quick start guide and ETL software installation video

StreamSets Transformer download is only available to existing users. If you are new to StreamSets, we encourage you to try our cloud-native platform for free.

  1. Use your StreamSets Account and download the tarball.
  2. Download and install Apache Spark 2.4.7.
  3. Extract the Apache Spark tarball by entering this command in the terminal window: tar xvzf spark-2.4.7-bin-without-hadoop.tgz.
  4. Extract the Transformer tarball by entering this command in the terminal window: tar xvzf streamsets-transformer-all-<VERSION>-.tgz.
  5. Change the folder to the root of the Transformer installation. For example: cd streamsets-transformer-<VERSION>.
  6. Change directory to libexec folder underneath the root of the Transformer installation and edit the file. Add the below line to the file to set the environment variable for SPARK-HOME: export SPARK_HOME=<SPARK_PATH>.
  7. Run this command in the terminal window: bin/streamsets transformer.
  8. In your browser, enter the URL shown in the terminal window. For example,
  9. Log in to start using StreamSets Transformer.

Note: Replace <VERSION> with the current version and <SPARK_PATH> with the full path to Apache Spark. If there's a period (.) at the end of a command that is also the end of a sentence above, it is not part of the command.

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What Is a Transformer?

StreamSets Transformer Engine is an execution engine that runs data processing pipelines on Apache Spark. Spark ETL data pipelines can perform transformations that require heavy processing on the entire data set in batch or in streaming mode. You can install a Transformer Engine on any environment running Apache Spark.

Whether your data sources are on-prem, cloud-to-cloud or on-prem-to-cloud, use the pre-built connectors and native integrations to configure your Spark ETL pipeline without hand coding.

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