The Future of Manufacturing

                See how disruptive innovations in manufacturing will reshape entire industries
To survive in a fast-changing world, manufacturers must become quicker, smarter, and greener. This goes beyond making existing physical processes more efficient. Business and technology leaders must work together to build future fit organizations that unlock more sustainable and profitable customer relationships.
According to Forrester, the four key trends already reshaping manufacturing include:

  • Integrating digital technologies with physical products, combining grease with code.
  • Adapting to a changing world order with local, near, and far manufacturing capacity.
  • Electrifying, decarbonizing, and then manufacturing sustainably.
  • Balancing the automation triangle to get the best from hardware, software, and people.
Forrester highlights eight key technology clusters that executives need to consider when building the strategy to power the future of manufacturing. Among these include using IoT data and software automation to derive insights and recommend or take action. Manufacturers can also use industrial IoT sensors to remotely monitor and measure machines, people, raw materials, finished goods, and entire workflows more than ever before.
Read the Forrester report ‘The Future of Manufacturing’ to learn how manufacturers can take advantage of these technology clusters for innovation across three innovation horizons, from near-term in the immediate future to long-term more than a decade out.

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