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IoT in retail

Ring up more sales with IoT-based store monitoring

The time is now for IoT solutions in the retail industry

In our new normal, when online shopping has doubled, technology offers the opportunity to DOUBLE store profits. That’s why now, more than ever, retailers are looking to the Internet of Things to do everything, from contact-free shopping to increasing operational efficiencies using real-time data.

Retail is the fastest-growing sector for IoT projects, says market analyst IoT Analytics. At the same time, IoT-based store monitoring is trending, attests the Gartner Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies, 2021.

Connect stores faster with a real-time IoT store platform built on Cumulocity IoT. You can connect it all—store devices like queue sensors and shelf-edge labels, as well as legacy and business systems. And you can easily evolve your platform as business needs change.

What leaders say about IoT in the retail industry

"The potential to gather data and put it to use more effectively is exciting. We’re learning how IoT can help us to work differently. We’re improving many of our processes, and we’re empowering our associates with better tools and technology.”

- Doug McMillon, CEO, Walmart


Connected store, connected customer, connected inventory

Connect everything with an IoT in retail solution. The more you connect, the smarter your data and the faster your ROI will be.

By connecting your in-store tech—from smart shelves to RFID tags and POS systems—you’ll increase visibility into all of your operations. Real-time data streaming can tell you where customers are crowding, when equipment will need repair, even when top customers walk in. Combine all kinds of insights about operations onto dashboards to quickly see how to run a smarter business.

By connecting in-store tech with enterprise systems, like CRM using webMethods Integration, you’ll create a fluid flow of data across your business. Marketing can see, for example, live information streaming in to measure and adapt campaigns. Sales can assist customers quickly and personably with access to inventory information, customer history and more.

Imagine what you can do with IoT-based store monitoring from Software AG.

                    Smart shelving & real-time pricing

Increase sales with intelligent shelves that trigger replenishment. Use shelf edge tech to change offers and prices in real time based on demand and supply. See a run on a promoted product? Adjust the promotion to prevent running out of stock and know when it’s time to find other inventory sources. 

                    Smart facilities management

Understand and respond to store temperature and humidity, balancing energy consumption, comfort and product life. Reduce energy consumption through optimal lighting use. Predict when store equipment will need maintenance and replenishment. Monitor humidity, as well as refrigeration to keep products at the right condition while reducing energy consumption.

                    Smart customer engagement

Deliver real-time, contextual alerts to customers who opt-in. Shoppers can receive things like birthday alerts, loyalty program updates and be notified of new offers. Smart signage can drive sales through contextual messages and offers based on time of day, weather or social media trends.

                    Smart inventory management

View and respond to real-time consumption and inventory across your business. See what’s selling, along with current and incoming inventory. Provide an “endless aisle” of customer choice. By keeping your finger on supply and demand, you’ll know immediately when and how to act to keep the right amount of product on hand.

Meet the platform that makes IoT simple—Cumulocity IoT

Build what you need faster with Software AG’s IoT platform, Cumulocity IoT. You can connect and manage any asset. Turn data into automated actionable insights—all without writing code. 
Professional Services
Cumulocity IoT Device Connectivity
Get connected—the right way. Better understand your connection options for Cumulocity IoT and the best implementation approach. Take advantage of the plug-n-play feature with zero coding needed to connect every “thing” with simple SDKs and APIs.
Cumulocity IoT UI Development—Get Started
Take a guided tour of UI development based on Cumulocity WebSDK (Angular). Learn how to set up a first UI project based on best practices with expert guidance. Hit the ground running—develop a custom widget, integrate it into the Cumulocity dashboard and extend Cumulocity applications to meet your needs.
Our customers—truly connected enterprises
Out-of-stock situations are minimized, service levels increased. All made possible with an IoT solution. 
This French retailing powerhouse accelerates time to market by connecting its operations. 
Europe’s #1 DIY retailer improves communication by connecting with Software AG.  

Triple your ROI from IoT

Explore the cost savings & business benefits of Software AG's Cumulocity IoT platform
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