Get smart about water management 

                Protect what’s precious—
go digital with IoT

Every year, 126 billion+ cubic meters of water are lost due to leaks, poor metering and tampering. IoT-enabled water management has come to the rescue. When you collect data from your connected meters and other assets on the Internet of Things, you can detect leaks instantly. Automate fast corrective actions. Fix leaks right the first time. Reduce energy use. Predict maintenance needs. And create economically and environmentally aware, sustainable utility network.

                    How much can you save on the IoT?

With IoT-enabled water management, one water company reduced leaks up to 20%, costs by 15% and per capita consumption up to 35%. Another predicts savings to be £3.8 million on reworks by cutting them in half and reducing leaks by 17%. At no cost, a Software AG Business Value Engineer can review your infrastructure and advise on your expected savings and leakage reduction using our water management calculator.

                    Get fast results—we’ll show you how

Leverage our IoT Solution Accelerator for Water Management that combines best practices from the water industry, IoT expertise and our market-leading IoT device connectivity and management platform. Your solution will be 75% ready to go. Simply add your customizations on top. Achieve value quickly via a powerful self-service environment that comes with out-of-the box applications.

                    Connect any asset faster

Connect any communications-enabled “sensor” on our Cumulocity IoT platform. Run your IoT solution wherever you need it—cloud, on-premises and/or at the edge—and do analytics anywhere, for example, at the edge near data sources. The Cumulocity IoT platform is built with carrier-grade features, such as secure multi-tenancy, billing, scalability, high availability and encryption and a safe choice, consistently recognized as a “leader” by analysts.

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