Run Adabas & Natural on containers and the cloud

Adopt a modern IT infrastructure

Businesses are continuously adopting containers and the cloud as key components of their IT infrastructure strategies. Containers package up code and dependencies as a unit of software that can be run quickly and reliably on any computing environment. This gives you the freedom to move to the cloud to deliver applications faster with more flexibility and scalability.

By moving Adabas & Natural applications to containers, such as like Docker® and Kubernetes®, you can choose the best deployment model whether it is on-premises or a private or public cloud.

Moving your application workload to a modern IT infrastructure can be an iterative approach that follows your business strategy and goals. You will also benefit from improved scalability, availability, performance, deployment and operations with this infrastructure. Combining container and cloud with DevOps and the EclipseTM -based NaturalONE development environment puts you in an excellent position to address changing business requirements and innovate faster.

What can shifting Adabas & Natural applications to containers and the cloud do for you?

  • Harmonize your IT infrastructure portfolio
  • Provision and deploy applications more easily
  • Give developers and operations more speed and efficiency
  • Move from a monolithic application architecture to a modern microservices architecture
  • Avoid platform vendor lock-in by following a multi-cloud strategy
  • Maximize the benefits of improved scalability, availability and performance of operating in containers and the cloud

Get ready to leverage containers and cloud platforms

  • Add value with DevOps Accelerate application delivery by combining NaturalONE with DevOps to integrate with containers and the cloud.
  • Embrace modern architecture Re-architect your Adabas & Natural applications from monolithic architectures to a microservices architecture.
  • Drive operational efficiency Shift your Adabas & Natural applications to containers and the cloud to achieve costs savings and operational efficiency.
  • Implement a multi-cloud strategy Avoid vendor lock-in by leveraging containers that allow you to switch among private and public cloud platforms.
  • Achieve business agility Respond quickly to customer requests for bug fixes or new features with lightweight containers that you can create within seconds.
  • Prepare for the future Meet the demands of digital business for scalability, availability and responsiveness with containers and the cloud.
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