API Management for your webMethods B2B Integration

Improve, expand and secure your trading partner communications

By deploying your industry-leading webMethods B2B Integration platform, you’ve been able to quickly onboard partners, support major EDI communication standards and reliably transact timely business documents across your supply chain. Now, by using the seamless and shared connectivity between webMethods B2B Integration and webMethods API Management, your organization will be able increase productivity through new partner-focused services and alternative ways of transmitting business documents and processing payments. Plus, webMethods API Management will improve transaction security and enforce policies like transaction limits

Why webMethods API Management for B2B Integration?

  • Deploys both webMethods API Management and webMethods B2B Integration on a single platform
  • APIs dramatically increase partner accessibility and consumption of business-critical information
  • Quickly extends B2B integration use cases to webMethods APIs—in just a few clicks
  • Supports changing industry standards with REST API alternatives to AS2, SFTP, etc. for API-based B2B transactions and payment processing
  • Easily controls exposure/viewing privileges for APIs by partner profile
  • Leverages the same developer skill set, shortening the learning curve
  • Accelerates implementation time by pre-integrating API Management with Trading Networks tools

What do you get with webMethods API Management?

Developer Portal

You can create a place for developers to access, learn about, interact with, ask questions about and test your REST and SOAP APIs. It’s not only good for developers—it’s good for you. You can collect analytics to understand your visitors and to track the popularity of your APIs. All within the environment you prefer—public cloud, private cloud or in the DMZ.

API Gateway

API Gateway enables policy-driven security, in lock step with webMethods Integration. You can secure and monitor access to back-end services from apps through your APIs. Support both transport- and message-layer security—authentication, authorization, digital encryption and digital signatures. You can even establish DMZ-strength security between consumer apps using your APIs and your internal servers—removing the need to risk opening additional firewall ports.


Use the Microgateway to secure and manage your microservices and to prevent main gateways from overloading across distributed environments. You can benefit from a very low runtime footprint and fast start-up. This includes multiple form factors—deploying as a Java® instance or as a Docker® container with a micro-Linux® host, for example. Choose between different levels of granularity and control, and benefit from a standalone or sidecar deployment.


Microservices help you develop or evolve applications quickly and get them to market market in a flash. But the complexity of distributed microservices environments creates operational challenges. AppMesh provides a much-needed context layer to manage your microservices. Without altering existing microservices or underlying code, webMethods AppMesh can help you apply business rules to drive application-specific behavior, application-level governance, and context-aware application routing and orchestration.

API Lifecycle Management

Oversee the entire API lifecycle—designing, developing, deploying, versioning and retiring. Manage your APIs with confidence by defining permissible transitions between states and by defining and tracking versions over time. Make sense of the complex interdependencies of APIs on various services and applications using an interactive graphical view of APIs and their relationships. Visualize the effects of changes beforehand to avoid unexpected issues and complications.

API Engagement

Make sense of the complex interdependencies of APIs on various services and applications using an interactive graphical view of APIs and their relationships. Visualize the effects of changes beforehand to avoid undesired issues and complications. Customize views to restrict APIs and associations shown to zero-in on the details that interest you.

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