webMethods ActiveTransfer

Managed file transfer solution for the fast, secure and reliable exchange of large files inside and outside your enterprise.

Any file, any size, always delivered on time

Are you still relying on non-secure FTP for file transfers? Can you easily report on what files have been sent or received? Does your system alert you when an important file transfer fails? Use webMethods ActiveTransfer instead for fast, secure and reliable exchange of large files inside and outside your enterprise.

Key benefits

  • Gain a consolidated, easy-to-use platform to exchange files irrespective of the size—delivery guaranteed
  • Automate, simplify and speed up interactions with suppliers, customers and business partners of any size
  • Secure data when communicating with any trading partner using secure protocols
  • Meet regulatory requirements with security, auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Consolidate on one integration platform for your B2B and Managed File Transfer (MFT) needs
  • Easy to use—no proprietary clients or protocols required
webMethods ActiveTransfer centralizes the external and internal file transfers into one solution providing visibility and control.

Key features

Secure and reliable file exchange

webMethods ActiveTransfer is an MFT software solution that enables you to send and receive files of any size both internally and externally.

Your trading partners need only standard file transfer tools, such as a web browser, to exchange files with you. That means you can add new suppliers quickly to your extended enterprise or B2B network. Files are encrypted for security. And, because the software provides file acceleration out of the box, it’s suitable for handling large file transfers over long distances.

Built on the proven webMethods Integration Server, webMethods ActiveTransfer is fully integrated with the webMethods suite, enabling you to replace antiquated and non-secure file transfer systems with a consolidated, easy-to-use platform.

You’ll gain centralized management and control of all file transfer activity. Gain visibility into the state of critical file transfers to discover and resolve file transfer issues as they happen.

Best of all, incoming files can automatically trigger business events, such as ordering and invoicing, to speed up processes.

Support for secure file-transfer protocols

Trading partners need only standard tools such as a web browser to exchange files with you. That’s because webMethods ActiveTransfer comes ready to support web browsers and FTP clients. Transfer files using HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SCP and WebDAV.

Encryption and security

Count on complete data security and support for the world’s most stringent encryption standards. webMethods ActiveTransfer provides mechanisms to encrypt data at rest using AES or PGP standards. From securing the DMZ to filtering rogue IP addresses, webMethods ActiveTransfer provides best-in-class security features. Granular role-based access to files ensures the security of your information and helps you comply with regulatory mandates, such as SOX, GLBA, the U.S. Patriot Act and HIPAA.

Integration with the webMethods Suite

Built on top of webMethods Integration Server, ActiveTransfer enables secure and reliable exchange of documents providing MFT functions. MFT features are complemented by the integration services provided by webMethods Integration Server, enabling ActiveTransfer to invoke services and messaging capabilities as needed.

Complete virus scanning

Terminate file transfers when a virus is found. Configure virus protection directly into ActiveTransfer Gateway.

Checkpoint restart

Checkpoint restart detects when a connection drops and resumes the transfer at that exact point until completed—no manual intervention required! This helps you assure that files, such as orders and invoices, were delivered as intended. It also helps you meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and avoid penalties.

Scheduled and event-driven transfers

Powerful scheduling options and folder monitoring capabilities enable complete automation of file transfer processes. Jobs can be configured to run at specified times removing the dependency on cron-based schedules. Folder monitoring allows the server to monitor any directory and trigger file operations based on filename criteria and/or age of the file.

webMethods ActiveTransfer centralizes the external and internal file transfers into one solution providing visibility and control.
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