Alfabet innovation: Leverage AI in SPM for better business insights

New AI technologies and algorithms make it easier to provide your peers with insights into consumer behavior, customer preferences and product success—insights your enterprise needs to compete. In this innovation session, see how Alfabet uses state-of-the-art AI technologies to deliver a powerful strategic portfolio management (SPM) solution. SPM is a growing discipline that enables you to glean business-relevant insights from EA and portfolio data and then provide those insights to business stakeholders using commonly-used collaboration platforms – another innovation from Alfabet. Alfabet is constantly evolving to best facilitate the business and IT collaboration required for good digital transformation.

                    Part 1

What is Strategic Portfolio Management? (8 minutes)


                    Part 2

How AI can support SPM program success? (15 minutes)


                    Part 3

First steps in building an SPM practice (13 minutes)


                    Part 4

Using AI for IT portfolio diagnostic services (11 minutes)


                    Part 5

Summing it all up - the roadmap in review (4 minutes)


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