CONNX data movement & migration

CONNX will help you to move and migrate your data wherever it is needed, with comprehensive data movement and transformation capabilities that provide connectivity to more than 150 data sources.

Whether you want to move legacy data or relational databases to analytical systems (such as data warehouse, business intelligence, big data or the cloud) or migrate from one database to another database—CONNX is your platform of choice!

CONNX delivers standard SQL connectivity to a wide spectrum of databases (legacy, relational, big data and cloud) residing on platforms, such as mainframe, HP® OpenVMS, iSeries (AS/400), UNIX®, Linux®, Windows® and the desktop.  CONNX DB Adapters provide read/write SQL data access supporting ODBC, OLE DB, JDBC®, J2EE® and .NET® technologies.

Simplify SQL data access to more than 150 data sources including: Adabas, Amazon AWS, C-ISAM®, DataFlex®, Hadoop, IBM Db2, IMS™, Informix, Ingres, MariaDB, Microsoft Azure, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL or EnterpriseDB, Rdb, RMS, SAP HANA®, SQL Server, Sybase, Teradata, VSAM™ and more.