CONNX data synchronization and replication

Keep your data in sync with minimal resources

Keep your data fresh and up to date without impacting the performance of your data sources. With CONNX, you always provide fluid flow of fresh data to keep your database, data warehouse, big data and cloud systems current. It takes minimal effort and resources since you incrementally update only those records that have changed, eliminating the need for large and resourceintensive bulk data refreshes. Business today moves at incredible speeds, so yours needs a fluid flow of fresh data in order to make meaningful living connections. If you’re basing decisions on stale data, your business won't have what it needs to see, decide, act and thrive. There are two basic forms of data integration: real time and near real time. Real-time data integration is just what it sounds like: It collects and aggregates the data as soon as changes are made in the database. Real-time processing is for large volumes of data in constant motionwhere immediate integration is an imperative. Near real-time data integration occurs periodically. Data is collected immediately but is not necessarily integrated instantly. Near real-time processing is when speed is important, but processing time in minutes is acceptable.

Key benefits

  • Integrate data in real time or near real time
  • Get up and running fast, within hours of connecting source and target
  • Capture changes from single or multiple data sources
  • Reduce manual operation
  • Preserve full control and flexibility using metadata management
  • Provide security on multiple levels
  • Quickly adapt to hybrid integration requirements
  • One integrated platform that can be extended to data access, virtualization and migration capabilities
CONNX will help you quickly synchronize and replicate data
CONNX data synchronization and replication


Real-time replication

Capture, transform and replicate data from a selection of sources to a number of target data systems (such as databases, data warehouse, big data, cloud and digital platforms). Keep your data up to date with a low-latency Change Data Capture (CDC) that incrementally updates only those records that have changed.

Near real-time synchronization

Scale your synchronization tasks based on demand—simply schedule updates for lowuse periods, such as after normal business hours, or as frequently as every minute when your business requires more up-to-date information.

150+ data connectors

CONNX provides standard SQL connectivity to a wide spectrum of databases (legacy, relational, big data and cloud) residing on platforms, such as mainframe, HP® OpenVMS, iSeries (AS/400), UNIX®, Linux®, Windows® and the desktop.

Advanced SQL Server® support

Simply add CONNX to Microsoft® SSIS to easily harvest changed data in the SQL Server database to perform efficient incremental updates.

Comprehensive transformation and ETL

Leverage SQL-based transformation with a graphical query builder that allows comprehensive mappings of tables and fields. In addition a library of more than 100 transformation functions provides many ways to map the value of a field. This enables complex transformations, including filter, sorting, joins, unions
and aggregations.

Metadata management

Through metadata management, you create a lexicon that combines all your data into a single, comprehensible structure without altering the source structures.

Secure access

CONNX Security is ideally suited to handle cross-platform security issues by managing multiple database logins and secure access to the data in each system.

Get your data at work

CONNX will help you to synchronize and replicate your data wherever it is needed—real time and in near real time. Whether you want to replicate to analytical systems (such as data warehouse, business intelligence, big data or cloud) or to an application— CONNXis your platform of choice. And by integrating CONNX with a wide variety of Software AG solutions, your business can drive innovation from app to edge—faster than ever imagined. So go ahead and move trusted applications to the cloud. API-enable your apps. And ensure a fluid flow of data so that your business can make living connections that matter.

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