Credit Suisse: Continuously improving IT with Alfabet

In 2008, Credit Suisse established a program to continuously improve its application technology. Key to this evolution was to understand and govern its technical products. They used Alfabet to create a single source of truth, combining three repositories into one.

The tool Alfabet is called CATI within Credit Suisse. CATI means continuous application technology improvement. Before 2008, Credit Suisse used to have three independent so-called application repositories. By implementing Alfabet, we merged the three existing repositories into one.

Alfabet helped us very much using the standard functionality for describing the technical product categories, expressed also the appointed governance structures. We also want to benefit from the capabilities in the context of business architecture be it for defining the target or current state. Be it the technical architecture for describing the underlying technical footprint including the lifecycle or also for information architecture where we show the dependencies between the technical products.

The collaboration and the relationship between Software AG, Alfabet, and Credit Suisse is very good and fruitful, and I would say the CATI team performed in an extraordinary way or manner.