Cumulocity IoT DataHub

Make your data your advantage

Your Internet of Things solution can generate thousands of data points from thousands of endpoints every day, resulting in huge amounts of historical data. Now there’s a powerful way to make sense of it all. Leverage Cumulocity IoT DataHub to make your insights into long-term IoT data more meaningful for better responses and better decision making. You can add Cumulocity IoT DataHub to Software AG's market-leading IoT platform to get more from your IoT data.  

Go to the next level with your IoT data

As an IoT innovator, you’re already reaping the rewards of connecting all kinds of hardware and software assets, sensors and controllers. Collecting and analyzing their inbound data enables you to act on events without delay—for example, to adjust equipment to optimize performance or automate a shipment so a customer is never out of your product. Besides this ad-hoc, real-time processing, a holistic view of your business requires you to add historical analytics to the mix—for example, to fine-tune your shipment processes by learning from past shipments or discovering trends to identify devices that may fail soon.

Cumulocity IoT DataHub is your tool of choice to run sophisticated analytics over your long-term IoT data. At its heart, DataHub allows you to offload IoT data into the dedicated data lake of your choice. Rich analytical capabilities uncover knowledge hidden in that data.

Offloading your data to a dedicated data lake:

  • Builds and retains experiences with that data
  • Stores data in a cost effective way
  • Enables you to use data without impacting IoT performance

You get a better alternative to other IoT platforms that only retain operational endpoint data for a finite time—perhaps as short as two weeks—and using data stores that are expensive, not optimized for data analysis or training artificial intelligence (AI) models, and not built for huge data sets.

Key benefits

DataHub bridges the gap between streaming and historical analytics in a way that simplifies processes for IT administrators and enables the business to gain new insights about operations and performance.

Simplify managing long-term data storage

DataHub takes data from the operational data store on a periodical basis, transforms it into a compact format highly efficient for analytical queries, and places it in an analytical store in the data lake. DataHub can support a multitude of devices and for each offload will move alarm, event, measurement and inventory data for every device into the data lake.

Lower the cost of IoT data storage

The analytical store can be hosted on Amazon® Web Services Simple Storage Service (AWS S3) or Microsoft® Azure® Data Lake Storage Gen 2 (ADLS2) to dramatically lower the cost of creating and managing a data lake. In addition, self-hosted businesses using Cumulocity IoT DataHub can now use Cloudera® or Hortonworks® Hadoop® Distributed File System (HDFS) as a data lake. DataHub also supports file system data storage.


Scalable SQL querying of long-term IoT data

Like Cumulocity IoT, DataHub is designed to support an IoT solution consisting of any number of devices and can scale to manage the data each produces. For analyzing this onslaught of device data, DataHub offers SQL, the lingua franca of data processing for decades. Unleash the power of SQL, and you will quickly convert raw IoT device data into meaningful information.

Standard interfaces to BI & data science tools

DataHub acts as an integration layer, enabling high-performance SQL queries on historical IoT data that can be used with a wide range of business intelligence or analytics applications, machine learning training or with other custom applications that use standards such as Arrow Flight, JDBC®, ODBC, REST and SQL.

Mayer & Cie, a manufacturer of premium knitting machines, has integrated Cumulocity IoT DataHub with Microsoft Power BI in order to create on-demand dashboards to aid senior executives in decision-making.

Cumulocity IoT DataHub provides data-as-a-service leveraging your existing investments in data lakes and BI tools.
About Cumulocity IoT

DataHub is a key component of Software AG’s Cumulocity IoT, designed to make the IoT as painless as possible so you can meet your goals as fast as possible. Open and independent, Cumulocity IoT enables you to connect any asset and any application. You can get started in minutes and build a pilot IoT project in six weeks or less. Made to keep IoT simple, Cumulocity IoT has a distributed, unified architecture that runs the same everywhere—in the cloud, at the edge and on-premises.

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