Debunking 6 Industrial IoT (IIoT) myths

Manufacturing is changing, and so are manufacturers’ business models. Product ownership is evolving toward a model where customers can access value-added services and pay only for what they use. To enable this shift, products are getting smarter. So are the factories that make devices, and even the cities we live in.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the key enabler for this new, connected world. To meet changing customer expectations and support growing demand for services, manufacturers must diversify with new digital capabilities and software. Building smart solutions results in more resilient and repeatable revenue streams that don’t require direct equipment sales.

What’s stopping many manufacturers from going all-in on IoT? Many think that implementing IIoT is too hard. Too expensive. Or they don’t have the proper
expertise. But the transition may be easier than they think.

Read this eBook when you’re ready to set the record straight. We dispel 6 common IIoT myths — wrong assumptions that may deter a company from adopting IIoT and all the value it brings.

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