CONNX data access and virtualization

You’ll learn in this fact sheet how beneficial it is to integrate enterprise data everywhere on the ground and in the cloud via CONNX DB Adapters. Are you seeking to plug in directly to the mainframe? Are you dealing with legacy, mid-tier, big data or cloud systems? CONNX can integrate with all of it, featuring the widest range of database connectors for real-time integration of all your data sources.

Think simplification. Finally disparate data sources can exist within one federated relational database, enabling fluid flow of data. See, decide, act and thrive freely and securely in real time. Reduce the risk of data errors, minimize data migration workload, create a single view across multiple distributed databases, making all the living connections you need to ensure your business succeeds.

Meet all of your data access and virtualization requirements regardless of what you’re plugging into: mainframes, legacy, mid-tier, big data or cloud. This fact sheet has all the info you’ll need.