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Modernize your core applications—simply, easily & risk-free


Maximize your IT investment in core systems by expanding your capabilities to the web and APIs—easily, efficiently and cost effectively.

It’s never been faster or easier to transform your inflexible, green-screen legacy applications into modern web front-end systems.  

With ApplinX, you get a low-risk, non-invasive approach to setting your legacy assets free. Unlock your core app functionality and data to make it available across your organization by providing access from a simple browser-based web terminal, a modern front-end application, enterprise-wide web services, or externally through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).  

For example, a call center representative at a large government tax agency needs to know accurate information about a caller’s payment details and personal information at any given point during his interaction with the caller. With ApplinX, it is easy to integrate the customer relationship management (CRM) system, the tax platform and any other needed system on a mainframe or Linux® platform into an effective front-end user interface that provides the call center rep with the answers needed—free from green-screen applications.

Re-engineer your legacy application by adding new business logic and user flows, integrate with other data sources and apps or coherently aggregate data from multiple legacy sources. The freedom to innovate with ApplinX is limited only by your imagination.  

Key benefits

Fast modernization  

Modernize your legacy applications fast, without touching the existing code. Running 3270, 5250, or 9750 terminals? You can add new business logic and user flows, integrate with other data sources and apps, or aggregate data from multiple legacy sources into a unified user interface.

Extend core systems with APIs

Reuse your legacy system functionality in new IT projects. By integrating with any environment that invokes web services, you can deliver access anytime, from anywhere and on any device. API enablement delivers mainframe access in REST or SOAP, exposing core system functions and data as web services.

Build on your legacy

Re-engineer your legacy green-screen applications at your own speed, without touching your code. Improve your application’s look and feel, then gradually customize your application. Combine information from multiple systems into one web page, integrate legacy assets on various levels (screen, transaction and data), support multiple web environments and customize web frameworks.

Work faster at a lower cost

Automated green-screen testing ensures your new user functions are working faster, and at lower cost. Quickly confirm the business function of your apps when you add new capabilities. By testing at the UI level, you can ensure the application works from the end user’s perspective.

Improve the end-user experience and productivity

Make a better connection with the people who use your applications every day. Don’t just eliminate green screens when modernizing your applications, create a better user experience by improving processe. With redesigned workflows, intuitive web interfaces and modern apps, your end users will see productivity gains that directly impact your business.  

Key Features

Web terminal emulation  

Free your users from the desktop. ApplinX’s out-of-the-box, browser-based HTML emulator, available in the .NET and J2EE environments, lets you display your existing system’s terminal emulated on a web browser. Wizard-based transformations allow for no-code GUI modifications that improve usability.

Easy web enablement

Create modern-looking web applications from your green-screen legacy systems with little or no coding. Create instant web apps on the fly, or build composite applications using your Java® or .NET® development environment. Or, build your own front-end using AngularJS, React, or Vue.js. Our Angular-based instant web app offers a starting point for customizations.

Instant HTML pages

Quickly give your end users a better experience by using ApplinX to transform host screens into instant HTML pages. Start with simple web configurations and default wizard-based transformations to improve the look and feel of the application. Design a template with top and side images including company logo and modify style sheets with different fonts, colors and more. Next, gradually customize your application—aggregate information from multiple core systems into one web page, integrate legacy assets on various levels (screen, transaction and data), support various web environments, and customize web frameworks.  

With ApplinX, you have the freedom to develop in multiple stages, based on priority and/or resource allocation. Your modernized web applications can consist of both instant and composite web pages that are fully customizable. ApplinX provides an easy, continuous migration to free your legacy applications of green screens by turning them into modern web-based, integrated front-end systems.

API enablement

Free your legacy system functionality and reuse it in new IT projects. API enablement exposes your core system functions and data as web services—at the screen, transaction or database level—and integrates it with any other environment that invokes web services. Complex processes can be encapsulated using web services and procedure clients to create a single web service that can retrieve data from several sources, simultaneously. With API enablement, your core systems are now free to become an active peer participant in an API world.

Automated screen testing

When introducing new functionality into an application, testers must verify that important, previously implemented business functions continue to run correctly. Through automation, you can simply reuse the tests created in the past and rerun for near total code coverage. Testing at the UI level ensures that the application is working correctly from the end user’s perspective. This enables you to test older Natural applications that do not have encapsulated business functions in their code.  

Automated screen testing strikes the balance between ensuring functions operate as required and that correct output is displayed to the user. By automating screen testing, you can overcome the delay and high costs of manual testing to ensure that business functions of the application are working correctly in your new modern applications.  

Free your legacy applications of green screens in just days without changing existing code by modernizing with ApplinX.

“Technology changes how we can provide healthcare, preparing us to make quicker decisions and deliver new services for patients right away, while ensuring the highest quality. Quality is a game changer. Everything must be of the highest standard, because anything less may risk patient lives.”

- Guy Ram, CIO, Maccabi Healthcare Services
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