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Industry: Cross Industry


We are BABEL, an international team with more than 2.000 with a presence in seven countries (Spain, Portugal, United States, Mexico, Perú, Chile & Morocco) an turnover exceeding 110 million euros. We are professionals highly specialized in cutting-edge technologies whose mission is to accompany customers in their digital business challenges and processes, betting on diversification: new clients, new sectors, and we incorporated a 24x7 security operations centre (ISO 27000, ISO 2000, CSIRT, ENS, FIRST).

We unite with our technological capacities a deep sectoral knowledge, combined with a large agility in decision-making.

We offer highly specialised services aimed at accompanying and accelerating the digital transformation process of our clients. With a service-oriented model that is highly flexible, agile and oriented towards the continuous delivery of value based on technological expertise.

BABEL’s core expertise areas include:

The recent acquisition of the Professional Services of Software AG Spain, granted the best position to help you in Digital Transformation of the core-business focused on Software AG technology. With more than 30 years of experience supporting the evolution and innovation of the technology of our clients and after the acquisition, our Competence Centres is able to offer to Software AG clients the following services:

  • Training. Authorized Partner of the Educational Services. BABEL has a team of trainers certified in the Software AG platforms, with +30 years experience in training and change management.
  • Infrastructure Modernization by virtualisation of the solutions, A&N rehosting, relocate in private, public, or hybrid cloud.
  • Architecture Modernization to meet your needs for application, microservices, data partitioning.
  • A&N Application Modernization, refactoring with Natural Engineer, API Management, Application Integration, B2B integration, Blockchain etc.
  • Business Processes Modernization, redesigning and simplifying processes. Business Design & Strategy, Business Automation & Connectivity, RPA, iBPM and Process Mining.
  • Lifecycle Development Modernization with NaturalONE to apply agile and devops methodologies and COBOL DevOps.
  • Services Managed, installation, upgrade, support, performance and tunning, architecture recommendations, etc. of all Software AG platforms: IoT & Analytics, API, Integration & Microservices, Business Process Transformation, IT Transformation and A&N. 
  • Implementation, Technology, Sales and Solution Partner.
Countries Partner Types Product Categories Industries
  • Chile
  • Peru
  • United States
  • Implementation Partner
  • Sales Partner
  • Solution Partner
  • Adabas & Natural
  • IT Transformation
  • Integration and APIs
  • IoT & Analytics
  • Process Transformation
  • Software AG Cloud
  • Banking
  • Communication & Media
  • Food & Beverage
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Utilities & Energy & Oil Gas


Alejandro Zurita
Country Manager
Phone: +52 55 8526 2746
Address: Florencia 31 · Colonia Juárez CP 06600 CDMX · Mexico